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Aja - launch of new E-Book


 An E-book of poems, perspectives and photos against poverty and war.

'Don't Le Me Die' is a sort of beginning and ending. In July 2002 whilst on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Barbados, Aja was inspired to do more than just perform his works against poverty, war, the abuse of women and children to name a few.

The realization dawned that the world was getting worse and that he should do something practical about it.

He was inspired to write an anthology about war, poverty and HIV/AIDS. It was to be published with photographs to compliment the written word.

The latter would involve him experiencing abject poverty and suffering at first hand as he walked through nations photographing the experience.

The move towards the reality of this book took 2 1/2 years

Aja seen here at the launch of his new e-book.

."There is no doubt that my life has changed as a result of obeying the 'Dive Inspiration'

The level of poverty and suffering Aja experienced face to face during the journey had a profound impact on him. The question at the end was "Had the world truly progressed?"

The project had the backing of the United Nations Permanent Representative for Barbados, Dr. Rosina Wiltshire who was instrumental in paving the way for Aja to walk into areas such as Palestine.

Seen here a UN representative at the launch on Sunday January 22 2005

With the blessing of the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, (and at the start of the project the then Minister of Culture,) the Honorable Mia Motley.

Seen here giving an opening speech at the launch.

The journey was documented by the CBC with the support of the General Manager Dr. Allyson Leacock. Producing 6 half hour documentaries titled 'Journey of Aja'.

Creative Junction escorted Aja on the trip and Chris Williams seen here gave advice and practical help with the photography.

Aja moved forward with courage and confidence.


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Dont let me die

The Great Deception

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Acute Vision's directors Ricky Redman (left) and Donna were instrumental in producing the web site and E-Book. All credit given for an excellent product.


Praises and compliments came from a renowned poet, whose opinion of the standard of poetry can be relied upon.

Aja had in 2 weeks written 90% of the poetry found within 'Don't Let Me Die'

Now that 'Don't Let Me Die' is a reality it suggest that the progress has ended. This is true to an extent but "I must also state that it represents another beginning and I am now fully armed to play my role, as divinely inspired in 2002, to help make the world a better place - in essence my journey has only now commenced.

The evenings entertainment was rounded off by Aja and the band playing extracts from the CD 'Deception' produced by the American music producer Mark Roule.

"Finally my most important acknowledgement goes to the Most High - The Creator of the Universe for blessing me with 'The Inspiration' and giving me the strength and courage to embark on its realisation"



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