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Aja in Cuba for the Barry More Memorial Festival 2003

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This very special Caribbean event payed tribute to probable the most important popular cuban music singer of all times. The great Benny Moré.

The popular Cuban singer Issac Delgado presided over the event which was organized by the Cuban Institute of Music (Instituto Cubano de la Música).

Directed by the Provincial Culture & Provincial Center of Music from Cienfuegos (Provincial de Cultura y el Centro Provincial de la Música de Cienfuegos.)

Many local Cuban musicians took part in this the tenth edition on stage at Cienfuegos Province.

This event has become a tradition for many Benny Moré admirers.

The event incorporated a wide range of programs including shows & dialogues of Benny.

Some of the great music groups from abroad that perform at the festival included to name a few
La timba loca (USA)
Kachimba (Japan)
Claudia Acuña (USA)

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Discover Tumi Music the leading record label for Latin American and Caribbean music.

Other Cuban festivals for 2004

Feast of the Cuban Music CUBADISCO 2004. May 25 to 30. Havana city.

Organized by the Cuban Institute of Music.

21st International Jazz Festival Plaza, Havana
Monday December 13 to Friday December 17, 2004

Organized by the Cuban Institute of Music.
Chairperson: Chucho Valdés

Five dynamic days of concerts, jam sessions and work-shops.


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