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Sierra Leone relief project

Aja's Sierra Leone fund The project, launched in April 2004, will see about 10 000 inhabitants of the strife-torn West African state benefiting from clothing, food and money from Barbadians.

Aja, speaking to the SUNDAY SUN, said the clothing campaign had been a tremendous success and described the generosity of Barbadian's as “absolutely amazing”.

“Unbelievable. It has really caught me off guard. I thought I would get the campaign going by collecting a few things then ship them out by Virgin Atlantic at the end of April."

The response has been so overwhelming that teams of volunteers were called in to help.

Aja's Sierra Leone fund
Aja's Sierra Leone fund "I never expected this because people were saying that Barbadian's were getting hard hearted" Old suitcases and traveling bags, scores of boxes and multi-coloured plastic bags.

Such was the scene inside the old Colgate Palmolive building on the Harbour Road yesterday as people turned up by the car loads to drop off their stuff as part of Aja’s (Adisa Andwele) relief effort to Sierra Leone.

Aja's Sierra Leone fund
Adisa “Aja” Andwele

The children of Barbados rose to the challenge, the Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary students seen here giving Aja a helping hand by donating four boxes of canned food.

Every day for the last two weeks when pupils of Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary left home for school, a can of food was among their books.
Yesterday, pupils and teachers presented four boxes of foodstuff to Adisa “Aja” Andwele for his Sierra Leone relief project.


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  Principal Eulese Griffith said after seeing the footage of Aja’s trip to the refugee camp, some teachers asked if the school could participate and parents were subsequently notified.

Aja encouraged the children not to waste food and told them they were fortunate to have a steady supply of it.

He said monetary donations could also be made to the Sierra Leone fund at Barbados National Bank

Aja's Sierra Leone fund

Aja's Sierra Leone fund

A gift from Barbados

As Aja explains man’s technological advancements have transformed the world into a global village. However, they seem incapable of halting this continual cycle of conflict, war and death, as well as social decay and economic oppression.

This situation has led to the formation of 'The International Foundation for Peace & Poverty Eradication' (ifppe)

IFPPE was launched on Friday, October 31st 2003 at the United Nations House, Barbados.

The Foundation was officially launched by the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley.



"This is a dream come true" says founder AJA. "It is a natural progression of my belief that peace and poverty eradication could be achieved in the world".

While in Sierra Leone, he spent time at Waterloo refugee camp where 7 000 residents asked for donations of clothing; at an amputee camp, the request was for food stuff and monetary donations.

He said the state was ravaged by ten years of war that ended two years ago and the nation was now in the rebuilding stage.

Extracts compliments of the Nation News

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