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Amahoro Foundation

Permission requested to use information form

Amahoro Foundation was established in the Netherlands in December 2001 by a notary deed. It is a not-for-profit incorporated association. It is registered in The Hague at the Chamber of Commerce under the number 27247296. It is also registered with the Dutch Tax Authorities as a public benefit organisation - tax dossier number 19942.

The Amahoro headquarters is in The Hague, The Netherlands. The foundation is also registered in Rwanda with the Ministry of Local Government and Social Affairs as Non Governmental Organisation nr 96. The registration of other regional representatives in the UK, Poland, and Canada is in progress. The full list of addresses and telephone numbers is available in menu Help/Contacts.
The Amahoro Foundation is established to assist war affected children in Rwanda and its neighbouring countries. In particular to help orphans, advance education, and relieve poverty.
The aim of the foundation is to stimulate development in Rwanda and from the other side provide the international community with an effective and reliable way of helping.
All registrations must be in order, all activities conducted according to the appropriate law
Internal foundation governance shall follow international standards for NGOs
the alignment with the Rwandan government development projects must be maintained.
Alignment with the strategy of large organisations like the UN and other NGOs
Realistic project definition. With limited resources the project priorities must be set for the highest benefit.
Feedback on the projects. The donors are informed by email when the donation is received, assigned to a project, and finally spent. We also provide a project follow up for interested donors.
Financial transparency - individual reporting to donors (currently we are working on Amahoro accounting-online to be accessible through the internet.
The Foundation started with the following objectives:
Setup voluntary field representatives in Rwanda.
Identify and prioritise the needs in co-operation with the Rwandan authorities.
Develop communication with the focus on the Internet to create the international community interested in Rwanda.
Disseminate information about Rwandan history and the genocide.
Support the reconciliation process.
Promote the Rwandan culture.
Create project list within the foundation programs.
Raise funds and transfer them to Rwanda.
Execute projects.
Some of them are already fulfilled, as it is visible on this web site, the others are in progress of realisation. Our progress depends on the received funding. The Board of Directors is strongly committed to the most efficient use of the funds. Therefore we use a matrix of best practices both in the foundation governance and in our project approach.
The foundation approached the prominent international figures, involved in Rwandan history. Among them Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire, former Deputy Commander of Canada's Land Forces, and former Commander of the UN Assistance Mission in Rwanda (UNAMIR) and Ms. Linda Melvern, a British investigative journalist, the author of books on the United Nations ("The Ultimate Crime" 1995) and on Rwandan genocide ("A People Betrayed, the Role of the West in Rwandan Genocide" 2000). The support received from them is an important part of the foundation strategy for the information dissemination.
The Board of Directors

Humanitarian Assistance Officer of the UNAMIR mission. Stec is today the CEO of the Amahoro Foundation Stefan Stec

Polish-born Humanitarian Assistance Officer of the UNAMIR mission. Stec is today the CEO of the Amahoro Foundation, an organization helping children in Rwanda.

The Chairman of Amahoro is Ms. Heather Kilner, the national of South Africa and of the United Kingdom. She has an in-depth expertise on inner works of large international organisations in the field of administration and facility management. She is a private entrepreneur, and she provides consulting services to various organisations, including United Nations.

The Secretary of the foundation, Mr. Ronny Janssen the national of The Netherlands. His competence areas are information technology and telecommunications. He works for some of the largest world IT/Telecom organisations. His expertise is especially valuable for the foundation in the field of the Internet communications since Amahoro relies in its activities on the international web community.

The Chief Executive Officer of Amahoro is Mr. Stefan Stec, the former officer of the Polish Army. During his military career, Mr. Stec was involved in the United Nations missions to Cambodia (UNTAC) and Rwanda (UNAMIR, Humanitarian Assistance Officer). When the war in Rwanda broke up in April 1994, and the genocide started, Major Stec stayed with the token force of the UNAMIR led by General Romeo Dallaire. As the Humanitarian Assistance Officer he dealt with the body count, aid distribution, refugee transfer, and contacts with NGO's arriving to Rwanda when the war was finished. Currently he is a director of his IT company in the Netherlands. Mr. Stec provides knowledge on organisation of the field operations, as well as on the information technology.
The Representatives
The most important part of the expertise on Rwandan affairs is provided by the local volunteers.

The Rwandan Representative of the foundation is Mr. Emmanuel Uwurukundo, the national of Rwanda. He is a graduate of the English Literature, during the genocide of 1994 he was the interpreter of Gen. Romeo Dallaire in UNAMIR. Later he worked for 7 years with the UNICEF as the Communications/Security Officer. Currently Mr. Uwurukundo is the Assistant Field Security Officer of the UNHCR in Kigali. His support and knowledge of the local state of affairs is the key to the success of the foundation projects.
International Support
Apart from the expertise of the board members and volunteers, the foundation relies on the international network of consultants from relevant fields like medicine, education, psychology, administration, and information technology.
We have our regional representatives in Rwanda, United Kingdom, and Poland. Please, do not hesitate to contact us anytime with your ideas or comments.


Well done Ian

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