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Inshuti-UK - school project

School projectThe schools in Ruhengeriall lack resources in every area. Privately-run schools have classrooms and basic facilities but very few books and classroom materials. The state run primary schools (which constitute the sole source of education for the majority of the population) cater for up to 2,500 local children each, and lack electricity, seating for pupils, teaching materials and in some cases even classrooms.

Inshuti-UK are involved in setting up friendship programmes between Rwandan schools and their UK counterparts

Communications between the schools will allow the two cultures to gain a wider understanding of each-other, and it is hoped that the UK schools will be able to provide material assistance through books, clothes and fund-raising. In addition, Inshuti-UK is working with a local partner organisation to set up a vocational and cultural centre in Ruhengeri, which will provide training in languages and IT skills as well as providing a base for local musicians and dancers.

Other projects include:

friendship programme between Rwandan and UK Schools Assistance to local HIV/AIDS projectsAssistance to local HIV/AIDS projects such as the 'Association des Jeunes Scolarisé contre le SIDA' - run by a young team committed to educating their peers in the principles of safe-sex and to confronting the local taboo against condom use.


DrumsInshuti-UK are working to create a channel for these African drums to be brought to the UK for resale, with all profits going back to Rwanda to help the community.

Inshuti-UK were instrumental in bring Ballet Inganzo to the UK in July 2002 for a month long series of performances and education workshops.

School project

Whilst in the UK Ballet Inganzo spent a day in Studio 1 of world famous ''Air Studios'. The session was made possible by the staff and engineers at Air recording the music of Inganzo without charge, and the result was twelve tracks of music, including the drum choirs, traditional tribal war crys and a number of songs.

UK visit 2004

Ballet InganzoSaturday 13 July 2004

At the Anvil, Basingstoke, Hants

The Hampshire County Youth Orchestra will host Ballet Inganzo, this exciting young dance company comes out of Rwanda and is formed from three Rwandan tribes that until recently were engaged in civil war, Ballet Inganzo was founded as part of a process of reconciliation by group director François Nkinzehwiki.

During July, the company will also be giving workshops and performances in 11 Hampshire schools.


Chris Redmond's brother Ian, who is one of the worlds leading great ape conservation experts, will be running in the 2004 London Marathon in aid of the Ape Alliance and Born Free Ape Projects.

From Gentil and other chimp orphans at Lwiro Sanctuary in Congo, to the UN Great Apes Survival Project.

Born Free will be monitoring his progress as he juggles his vital conservation work with preparation for the great race and Caribzones is proud to be associated with this worth cause.



Well done Ian

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