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BARBADOS - birdwatching

Barbados birdwatching

Barbados Birdwatching and travel are a perfect combination and there are many excellent islands for birding holidays in the Caribbean.

Barbados has a smaller bird population than some of her more forested neighbours but there are several interesting species to be seen. Hummingbirds can dazzle the eye for hours

Barbados birdwatching  hummingbirds Barbados birdwatching  hummingbirds
Birdwatching enthusiasts generally allocate the mornings to birding, enjoying the dawn chorus as Cattle Egrets arrow through the sunrise skies, heading for the fields. Barbados birdwatching  Cattle Egrets

The Bananaquit on the left was thought by many to be the Yellow Bird of the song, but in fact that is the Yellow Warbler on the right. Invisible for many years this lovely bird is starting to make a comeback and a few have been spotted, including this one admiring itself in a truck mirror.

Barbados birdwatching  Bananaquit
Barbados birdwatching  hummingbirds Yellow Warbler
Birdwatchers can find the Green Backed Heron, known locally as a Gaulin, at several locations in Barbados. This one is a regular at the Codrington College lily pond Barbados birdwatching  hummingbirds Green Backed Heron

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In years gone by there were large flocks of parrots living in the high branches of the Royal Palms of Belleville. The palms have mostly gone now but the occasional parrot can still be seen.

Barbados birdwatching  tropical parrots
Barbados birdwatching  tropical parrots

There are several birds that are part of daily life in Barbados, the Blackbird or Grackle and the Bajan or Wood Dove are everywhere

Barbados birdwatching  tropical Grackel
Barbados birdwatching  tropical wood dove

The magnificent Ramier has had a remarkable comeback and can be seen islandwide. The Gray Kingbird, known in Barbados as a pee whittler, fills the air with its distinctive high pitched song

Barbados birdwatching  tropical  Gray Kingbird Barbados birdwatching  tropical  Ramier
The sparrows like to look for crumbs in welcoming households Barbados birdwatching  tropical sparrow

Seagulls sometimes visit and Plovers can be found racing the waves

Barbados birdwatching  sea gull Barbados birdwatching  Plover

Birdwatching in Barbados is made easy with a day spent in the tranquility of the Graeme Hall Nature Reserve while the adventurous birding enthusiast will find many wonderful gardens in which to while away the day

Graeme Hall Nature Reserve Wonderful tropical  gardens

Barbados Hiking and Biking tours focus on the observation of nature with visits to landmarks and immersion in the natural and cultural history of the island.

Birdwatching is eco-tourism at its best, a pastime that is in tune with nature and committed to safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Birding tours combine birds and archeology, culture, scenery and natural history

An early morning trip to Graeme Hall Bird Sanctuary allows you to enjoy numerous herons and egrets leaving the roost. The elusive Purple Heron can sometimes be spotted, a first recorded for North America and only the second for the Western Atlantic.

Coles House near Ragged Point is great area of marsh and ponds, spottings of a Western-Reef Heron have been made there.

To the east is Cape Verde and here you might see the Little and Snowy Egrets.

In Barbados marsh areas there were lots of yellowlegs and Black-bellied Plovers and Ruffs. Expect to see the all-male-plumaged Carib Grackles and the all-female-plumaged Lesser Antillean Bullfinches.

Scientists in Barbados are carrying out research on tropical fish that could possibly lead to the preservation of a threatened species.

Behavioral scientist Andrea Griffin, from the McGill University, Canada, spent time in Barbados conducting studies mainly centred around the behaviour of two species of birds: the Carib grackles (blackbirds) and the zenaiba (wood) dove.

Other excellent birdwatching venues include Barbados' beautiful gardens

Flower Forest

Discover Barbados' beautiful gardens a lovely morning hike

A comment from the visitors book sums it all up...

'If I owned Paradise and Flower Forest I would rent Paradise and live in flower Forest'

Click to visit this wonderful garden

Orchid World

The dream of horticulturalist and plants-man Richard Coughlan who was trained at London's Kew Gardens and was instrumental in landscaping the Flower Forest.

Click to visit this lovely garden

Andromeda Botanical Gardens

Created as a private garden, on an Atlantic hillside, in the mid 1950s, this five acre haven perched on a cliff overlooking the east coast has grown to become one of the most acclaimed botanic gardens in the region . A great place to birdwatch surrounded by tropical lush gardens and trees.

Enjoy a light lunch at the cafe.

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Villas & Country Homes - For Rent

Leigh House is a luxurious, elegant home situated on the exclusive Sandy Lane Beach , nestled in beautifully landscaped	tropical gardens Among the gently rolling hills of Barbados' interior there are many hidden gems, superb country properties surrounded by lush, tropical gardens. Horticulturists will delight at the incredible profusion of flowers, shrubs and trees, while the many species of birds will afford hours of joy to birdwatchers. Another pleasure that only those far from the lights of town can enjoy... at night the gardens are filled with fireflies, a magical sight.

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South Coast

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