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Barbados has several spectacular locations for the eco traveler to visit. The ancient trees of Turners Hall Woods allow one to experience the sights and sounds that met the settlers of 1627, in what is now one of the few areas of original woodland left on the island.

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In Welchman Hall the island's history is written by nature for all to see. Millions of years ago the roof caved in on a complex of caves just beneath the surface and the kilometer-long gully now known as Welchman Hall Gully was created.

Coral formations are visible on the surrounding walls while ancient trees reach for the sky. Vociferous birds, busy butterflies and inquisitive troops of monkeys complement the fantastic flora.

Close to Welchman Hall Gully is the magnificent Harrisons Cave, a wonderful tourist attraction as well as an educational tool for all. The Harrisons Cave Tour starts with a slide show tracking the development of this small coral island of Barbados from the beginning of its history, forced upwards out of the ocean by the movement of the earth’s plates to become one of only two non – volcanic islands in the Caribbean. (The other is Barbuda)

Graeme Hall Nature Reserve to the south of Barbados gives visitors the opportunity to view an ancient ecosystem of mangroves and tall trees while following trails that meander along the lakeside

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There is a wonderful variety of bird and animal life to enjoy.
The flocks of egrets coming in to roost at the end of the day are an amazing site, their chosen trees gradually turning from green to white as they crowd onto every available branch.

Tree lovers have a wealth of options to choose from in Barbados with some ancient treasures still going strong, such as the mighty Baobabs of Queens Park and Warrens

The Silk Cotton trees at Codrington College add nature’s brilliant design to an architectural attraction

Colourful delights are the Immortelles and Red Tulip trees

The flowering trees of Barbados are truly breathtaking

Including the Cassia and this mystery tree that no-one seems to be able to identify…

There are many in Barbados that treasure trees and the contribution they make to diet, island temperature and beauty. The struggle to preserve and plant in the face of progress is an ongoing challenge.

STRESSING that “Greening Barbados” still had a long way to go, social historian Dr Karl Watson has called for at least
5,000 more trees to be planted in The City.

Watson told the DAILY NATION that if he had his way, he would plant about 10 000 trees in the Greater Bridgetown area, which would make for a healthier and more attractive capital.

Hikes and tours

Chalky MountHike Barbados claims to take you places most visitors never discover! Organised by the Barbados National Trust in conjunction with Treading Lightly, Hike Barbados is highly recommended.

Walk through ancient tropical forests, hike down cart roads and between cane fields, through interior gullies and over coastal areas, exploring the diversity of Barbados.

The hikes are FREE and visitors are welcome, however donations to the Barbados National Trust and Treading Lightly are always welcome to help continue the work of preserving our natural environment.

All morning hikes start at 6:00 a.m.
Afternoon hikes (Stop 'n' Stare only) start at 3:30 p.m.
The Moonlight Walks start at 5:30 p.m., you are advised to bring a torch to these walks.

All hikes start and finish at the meeting places that are documented in the Events Calendar

Dress appropriately in loose clothing, comfortable hiking boots/sports shoes, remember your sunscreen depending upon your skin type, visitors to the island are recommended to use nothing less than Factor 15, hat and sunglasses. Bring your camera, binoculars and a bottle of water.
Walks are arranged according to durability and stamina!

The "Stop 'n' Stare" group walks for 5-6 miles,

The "Here and There" group 8-10 miles,

The "Grin and Bear" group 12-14 miles.

All hikes last approximately 3 hours.

The Arbib Nature and Heritage Trail

Barbados countryside Winners of the Island Magazine 1999 Ecotourism Award, the hard working folks of Speightstown now have an adventure trail to be proud of... invigorating and educational. Discover the beautiful Whim Gully, picturesque fort ruins, quaint parish churches and nature trails.

There are two trails to choose from a 7.5 km and a 5.5 km.

This interactive guided trail must be pre booked by 3 pm the day before.

The usual advice is given in relation to clothes, shoes, fluid intake and sun protection.

Hikes are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 am to 2.30 pm.

Contact us for rates and availability

The Scotland District
This steep 300 metre limestone escarpment marks the edge of the Scotland district to the west in St. Joseph and to the east, in St. John. The rugged limestone cap was eroded by the sea many centuries ago.

Well worth a trek for the fabulous views across the hills of the Scotland District, named by the original home-sick Scots after their much-loved land.
This is a quiet, peaceful spot and it is a delight to watch the swirling swifts paragliding on the warm air currents.

Safari tours
Another fun experience is to take one of the safari tours that Barbados has to offer. 4 x 4 adventures across sugar cane cart roads and along the tidal flats of the north east coastline.

Barbados is blessed with many natural phenomena. Tropical gullies, ocean tide pools, underground caves with waterfalls and lakes, a flower forest and mangrove swamps. Birdwatching can be a rewarding experience in this landscape.

Country Villas For Rent

Leigh House is a luxurious, elegant home situated on the exclusive Sandy Lane Beach , nestled in beautifully landscaped	tropical gardens Among the gently rolling hills of Barbados' interior there are many hidden gems, superb country properties surrounded by lush, tropical gardens. Horticulturists will delight at the incredible profusion of flowers, shrubs and trees, while the many species of birds will afford hours of joy to birdwatchers. Another pleasure that only those far from the lights of town can enjoy... at night the gardens are filled with fireflies, a magical sight.

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Discover Barbados' beautiful gardens


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