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BARBADOS - events November 2010

1 Independence Lighting Ceremony, Independence Square, Bridgetown

1 Oistins Fish Fry

2 Brighton Farmer’s Market

6 & 7 Barbados Sunsplash Volleyball

7 Hike Barbados, Pool Plantation 6am & 3.30 pm The Barbados National Trust Tel: 426 2421

8 Oistins Fish Fry

9 Brighton Farmer’s Market

14 Hike Barbados, Indian Ground Sports Field 6am & 3.30 pm The Barbados National Trust Tel: 426 2421

15 Oistins Fish Fry

16 Brighton Farmer’s Market

21 Hike Barbados, Barclay’s Park Moonlight Hike, 5.30 pm. The Barbados National Trust 426 2421

22 Oistins Fish Fry

23 Brighton Farmer’s Market

23 Full Moon

28 Hike Barbados, Robert’s Manufacturing 6am & 3.30 pm The Barbados National Trust Tel: 426 2421

30 National Holiday, Independence Day


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