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BARBADOS - fashion

The success of the Cave Shepherd Barbados Fashion Week 2006 has positioned Barbados firmly on the fashion scene. Creativity and hard work ensured that the event was enjoyable and inspiring for all concerned.
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FASHION QUEENS. It was pure glitz and glamour last night when the Cave Shepherd Barbados Fashion week was officially launched at Hilton Barbados. And those attending got a piece of advice from Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development, Lynette Eastmond, who told them to take themselves seriously as this sector was a money earner.

Fashion Week starts today at Sherbourne Conference Centre with a runway show at 8 p.m. and it continues tomorrow and Sunday. Some of Barbados' leading models are from left: Eleazar 'Ellie' Jeremie, Chanelle King, Zina Gibbs, Sarah Collins and Lee-Ann Carter.

Compliments of the Nation News

Caribbean Fashion Week , held in Kingston Jamaica last year proved conclusively to all who attended that Caribbean Fashion is thriving.

Cooyah at the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston Jamaica


Showing collections that covered everything from funk to fabulous, the designers thrilled the packed audiences night after night, and it wasn't just the fashions that impressed.


The line-up of Caribbean models, including popular international models Jaunelle, Lene and Nadine, met an enthusiastic response from the appreciative audience.

 Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston Jamaica
The Biggy collection at the Cooyah at the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston Jamaica


A total of 48 designers were showcased during Caribbean Fashion Week 2004.

Jessica Ogden at Cooyah at the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston Jamaica


Caribzones attended the Saturday night shows to bring you a selection of the designers featured in those three collections, including the special guest collection of Jessica Ogden.

Neferftari at Cooyah at the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston Jamaica

Scroll down for samples of the designers' work:




Nefertari at the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston Jamaica
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