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BARBADOS - general information

AREA: 430 sq. km (166 sq. mls.).
SIZE: 14 miles wide and 21 miles long.
CLIMATE: Warm and sunny all year 
POPULATION: Approximately 260,000.
CAPITAL: Bridgetown,
in the parish of St. Michael.
RELIGION: Christian. 
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Industry: Tourism, fishing, food processing.
One (1) Hour ahead of Standard US Time.
Four (4) behind the UK in winter, five (5) behind in Summer.
There is no daylight saving time in Barbados



  • Barbados has a resident population of 260,000 , which includes a wonderful mixture of races, colours and creeds. Barbados' greatest asset is its friendly, peaceful people.
  • Bajans have a history of long ingrained Christian principles.
  • The island's excellent educational system has produced a 99% literacy rate - one of the highest in the world.
  • Barbados boasts a skilled, well educated and motivated labour force of over 125,000.
  • Language

    English mixed with a broad Bajan dialect.

    Dress code

    • Bring clothes suitable for the tropics.
    • Casual slacks and shorts, lightweight sports wear for everyday use.
    • Casual elegance, light cotton dresses and light jackets, for formal wear.
    • Beachwear should include sunglasses, sunscreen and beach footwear.

    Whilst Barbados is a fun holiday island, there are dress codes. Due to centuries of conservative British heritage, formal attire is still seen at times, especially at weddings, funerals and Sunday church service. Business men still wear a shirt and tie and sometimes even a jacket. Women wear smart dresses or trouser suits. Its a good idea not to dress too casually when visiting the bank or other business establishments. Bathing suits are best for the beach, beach bars and the pool. Please do NOT wear them when shopping. Topless or nude sunbathing is frowned on by Bajans, who are a respectful, spiritual people and visitors should respect their beliefs & traditions.


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