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BARBADOS - spirituality

Barbados church

Barbados churches are testament to the many ways of celebrating one's chosen religion. The smallest to the largest are filled on the various holy days and people of all religious persuasions co-exist comfortably.

There are over 100 denominations in Barbados'
Barbados church


he congregation of the Mount Of Praise Wesleyan Holiness Church in prayer.

Night Of Fellowship -

The congregation of the Mount Of Praise Wesleyan Holiness Church in prayer.

THE SOLEMNITY and peace of worship often sharply contrasts with the all-out abandon of fêting on Old Year’s Night – and Wednesday night was no different.
Churches across the island held their traditional watch-night services and welcomed the Year with thanksgiving in the form of fellowship, singing and intense prayer.

Such was the case at Mount of Praise Wesleyan Holiness, as Pastor McAthin Hinds challenged worshippers to focus on positive personal change and a deeper relationship with God.

Compliments of the Nation News Easter Sunday


Sitting in my verandah last week, I realised that something was missing. Then I realised what it was. This was the first Easter season in my life that I had not heard a single kite over my roof. I searched the blue sky above and beyond, but could not see one.
As I thought about what seems to be the gradual disappearance of that traditional sight and sound of Easter, my mind drifted back to days gone by when kite-making and kite-flying was a singular joy for young and older persons alike, and on a day like today and tomorrow there would hardly be a square inch of sky that would not be covered by the colourful songs and dances of kites.

And as I pondered, I remembered an inspirational piece written by Alice Claire Mansfield which I want to share with you for today, Easter Sunday.

She wrote: “One of my childhood dreams was to be able to fly a kite. For one reason or another, I could never quite pull it off. I envied greatly those playmates of mine who could launch a burst of colour into infinity with apparently little effort. My kite seemed destined to be earthbound forever, and I didn’t like it, not one bit.

“I still don’t like being earthbound. I want to fly! I want to explore the heights – Up and Out There! I yearn for deliverance from the bondage of my humanity. I want to shake off the shackles of my aching muscles and poor hearing, my Tragedy Queen personality (“Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen!”) and my 3-M complex (mother-martyr-messiah). I want to be free of all those things which limit me, restrain me. Ah, yes, I want to be above it all!

“But I can’t fly. At least not by myself. I am like the kite, needing wind to bring me to life. Yes, I depend on the Risen Jesus to raise me up. Often He comes like a gusty March wind, stirring me up, shaking me out of my complacency, my boredom, my apathy.


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“But for all His gustiness, the Lord is gentle. ‘A bruised reed he shall not break, and a smouldering wick he will not quench’ (Isaiah 42,3). How grateful I am that He respects my limits! In His mercy and compassion, He both honours and hallows our human condition.

“Again like the kite, I cannot launch myself alone. I need the assistance of others. Sometimes the other will be one of the marvellous comrades God has given to me – a cherished friend, a trusted confidant, a kindred spirit, a beloved spouse.

“More often than not, I will be launched by the very person who crosses me, angers me, hurts or disappoints me. We are all God’s gift to each other. In one way or another, we touch and move every person who comes into our lives. We can either tie each other down or set one another free.

“Kites fly best in wide-open spaces. So it behooves me to venture forth out of myself, out of my own little ideas and hidden agendas, surrendering myself with confidence and joy to the Risen Christ who goes before me into all the Galilees of my life. I must allow Him to lead and even carry me, if necessary, where He will.

“Letting go is essential. Kites that are tightly controlled remain earthbound and don’t fly at all. In His own time, in His own way, Jesus will lead all of us out of our captivity, whatever it may be. In Him we are not only shown but given the Way.

Happy Easter“So it is that here and now, in our earthly exile, we can share in the risen life of our Lord and Saviour. Ours is the resurrection song for we are indeed an Easter people, raised to life with and by Him who once was dead but now lives forever.”


Compliments of the Nation News

Non Denominational Organisations

Stonecroft Ministries This organisation started in the 1930's when Mrs. Helen Duff Baugh from California established prayer groups to pray for the spiritual needs of the nation. Ten years later Miss Mary Clark joined Mrs. Baugh. Together they led this organisation towards growth and development. In 1966 the Ministry launched its International outreach and in 1973 they first reached Barbados. Stonecroft ministries offers a variety of dynamic programs specifically designed to meet the needs of people today.
Barbados has over twenty Friendship Bible Coffee Groups within our small island. These are informal, small group Bible studies, designed to help people discover, understand, and apply biblical truths.

Christian Women's Club: The Club's meaningful brunch, lunch and afternoon tea meetings offer the opportunity to join friends and business associates in interesting programmes, which include a special feature, enjoyable music and a dynamic speaker. They meet quarterly on the second Saturday of the month.

For further information contact the Area Representative, Peggy on (246) 421 6140



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