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Barry Forde

Barry Forde picture compliments of the Nation News

Barry Forde compliments of the Nation NewsDate January 01, 2006

Compliments of the Nation News by PHILIP SPOONER

BARRY FORDE, the fastest man on two wheels in the Western Hemisphere, enters 2006 down the pecking order in the two events he competes in on the international cycling circuits.

Late last year, it was circulated that the 29-year-old world-rated rider was No.1 in the keirin and among the Top 5 in the sprint after some impressive performance on the European circuit.

In the latest ranking published by the International Cycling Union (UCI), Forde was listed at No.8 in the keirin and No.13 in the sprint.

The information is available on the UCI's website - - and was last updated on December 27. According to the website, Forde has accumulated 194 points in the keirin and 224 in the sprint.

The leader in the keirin is Andrei Vynokurov of the Ukraine, while German Stefan Nimke leads in the sprint with 380 points.

Bitter-sweet year

It has been a bitter-sweet year for Forde. He was heavily tipped to be named Sports Personality Of The Year, but did not capture the prestigious award.

He is tied up in an investigation over a high level of testosterone following a UCI test in France two months ago. The Barbados Cycling Union has been conducting investigations since late November.

On the track Forde won the region's first medal at the World Championships when he took a sliver in the keirin, in California, in March. A month later, he was first in both the keirin and the sprint at the Pan American Championships in Argentina.



Reproduced compliments of The Nation News

Friday 29, April-2005 by PHILIP SPOONER

Yesterday was national Heroes’ Day and one of the modern-day “champions” delivered a golden tribute to his forefathers.
Barry Forde, the No.1 cyclist in the Western Hemisphere, rode to the top again when he won the gold medal in the men’s sprint event at the Pan American Cycling Championships in Argentina.
It was his second gold, having won the keirin on Tuesday.
“All Barbados deserves this medal. It’s for the heroes who have done the island proud and who inspired me in the past. It’s for all the people who work in the cane grounds and all the people who work hard to send their children to school,” Forde said after the heroic performance.
“I was not down to do this one [sprint] but the Cycling Union asked me to give them one [medal] and I delivered. It’s for them and the ‘craftsmen of our fate’.” < Read More >

Wednesday 27, April-2005

Barry FordeHOT ON THE WHEELS of a silver medal at the World Cycling Championships, the impressive Barry Forde rode away with gold in the keirin at the Pan American Cycling Championships in Mar del Plata, Argentina, yesterday.
Keith Yearwood, president of the Barbados Cycling Union and head of the delegation, was ecstatic when he called Starcom Network to announce the news to Barbadians.

“He did a fantastic job in beating the field today – it was just a spillover from the Worlds. Nobody could have outclassed him today. < Read more >

Monday 23, August-2004

Barry Forde: Barbados' last medal hope.Barry Forde: Barbados' last medal hope.

ATHENS – Against the odds, Barbadian Barry Forde is through to the final eight of the men’s match sprint here at the Athens Olympic Games, but he took the long, hard road to get there.

While others needed just one ride to advance, Forde was forced to go through the repechage of both the Round of 16 and Round of 8 to meet up with the top boys in today’s quarter-finals at 5:05 p.m. (10:05 a.m. Eastern Caribbean Time), proving he is among the best in the world. < Read more >


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Tuesday 24, August-2004

One man from the Western Hemisphere rode among the best in the world and made it into the Top 8. That man is a Bajan. compliments of the Nation News One man from the Western Hemisphere rode among the best in the world and made it into the Top 8.

That man is a Bajan.

Barry Forde (seen here yesterday) created sporting history, and even though he will not get a medal, the world has taken note.

Forde was defeated by Australian Ryan Bayley in the quarter-finals of the sprint but he is not broken. Today, he will compete among the other three who lost yesterday, and could finish as high as fifth place.

- Wednesday 25, August-2004

Barbados' flag flying proudly at the velodrome. Barbados' flag flying proudly at the velodrome.

by Sherrylyn Clarke
ATHENS – Barry Forde is now sixth in the world in the men’s match sprint.

Forde, the one-man army from Barbados, came to the Olympics to take on the best cycling teams in the world, and when the battle was all over, only five former champions stood ahead of him.

What made it even more remarkable was that Forde came in tied 19th with four others, including European champion Ross Edgar, who beat him in the ride-off for fifth place, and Australian Sean Eadie who was 12th overall.

“I am pretty happy with my result from here, but I still know I wasn’t at my best, probably one more week of preparation [was needed]. I was coming on every day, starting to get a little bit better.

“The year was a bit rough for me, so for two-and-a-half months of preparation, to be back in world-class competition and sixth in the world, but you would like to be No. 1,” Forde told NATIONSPORT yesterday. < Read more >

Barry's back - Sunday 29, August-2004

Barry Forde (centre) getting a big hug from mother Heather and brother Jason. Barry Forde (centre) getting a big hug from mother Heather and brother Jason.

One of the fastest men in the world on two wheels is back home to cool his heels.
Barry Forde, the island’s ace cyclist, who was sixth in the sprint at Athens Olympics, returned home yesterday afternoon to the warm embrace of his family and well-wishers.

He told the SUNDAY SUN he was delighted to be back after giving his all for the nationin the event. “It was worth it,” the tired looking youth told our team.

On arrival he was greeted with a surprise get-together and related his experiences at his first Olympics.

Compliments of the Nation News

Web Posted - Fri Jun 04 2004
By Adrian Jackson

Close race expected this Sunday in BCU’s third Criterion
This Sunday’s third Criterion hosted by the Barbados Cycling Union (BCU) is expected to be very close. The action gets on the way from 2:30 p.m., from the Garrison in front of the block which formerly housed the Town and Country Planning office.

The event, which will be a 35 lap race is open to Seniors, Juniors, Masters and invited riders.

Among the ‘favourites’ for this Sunday’s race are Jason Forde and Philip Clarke.

Forde, who is the brother of Barbados’ leading competitive cyclist Barry Forde, is said to be one of the promising young cyclists in Barbados. Forde won the first Criterion which was at Fontabelle, ahead of Philip Clarke and Gregory Downie. Sunday’s race is expected to suit the young rider who is undoubtedly looking to land a spot in the Barbados team for the up-coming Pan American Games. < Read more >

Compliments of the

Barbados Advocate.


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