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BARBADOS - construction

Welcome to our Construction Web site. We have endeavoured to provide you with all the information you need to build, renovate, furnish, protect and insure your home or company premises.
We are committed to providing you with all the necessary information required to take care of your property from start to finish and beyond!

This page will prove to be an essential first point of contact for anyone interested in 'Home & Business Construction'.

BARBADOS - construction news - Thursday 02, September-2004 by JULIA RAWLINS

Queueing up to tour the $52 000 house. Inset, Prime Minister Owen Arthur (left) speaking with a beaming Minister of Housing, Lands and the Environment, Elizabeth ThompsonNHC staff were among those queueing up yesterday to tour the $52 000 house. Inset, Prime Minister Owen Arthur (left) speaking with a beaming Minister of Housing, Lands and the Environment, Elizabeth Thompson.

She silenced her critics yesterday morning by producing a two-bedroom wooden house built in seven days and costing $52 000.

Criticised for over-committing to deliver affordable houses for under $60 000, the minister put on show, on the grounds of her ministry at Country Road, St Michael, such a hard wood house, its interior carrying a trowel plastic finish. It was built by Steve Ifill, of S and B Joinery Service Inc. < Read more >

Friday 03, September-2004 Stories by AMANDA LYNCH-FOSTER

Sir Charles Williams Sir Charles Williams

Anything Liz can do, I can do cheaper!

Construction magnate Sir Charles Williams is vowing that he can go even lower than the $60 000 now being proposed by the National Housing Corporation to build a house.

If granted the necessary permission, he is vowing to build 50 houses identical to one unveiled on Wednesday, but carrying a $50 000 price tag.

“The minister [Minister of Housing Elizabeth Thompson] has said it, and I have to believe her. I’m going to apply for permission on some of my lands for sub-division for areas into low-cost housing and if it’s granted, I’m going to award a contractor the job to build 50 of these houses at $50 000 a-piece,” said Sir Charles to the WEEKEND NATION yesterday. < Read more >


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  BARBADOS - mortgage news

- Monday 23, August-2004 by Geralyn Edward

The mortgage market has become so competitive that it is now generating a spin-off business for at least one financial services company.

Signia Financial Group Inc., owned by Grace, Kennedy & Company, Cave Shepherd and United Insurance Company, has introduced a free mortgage brokerage service that not only simplifies the process of searching for a home loan but introduces new clients to financial institutions offering such products.

Nicole Greenidge, a mortgage broker with Signia explained that the local mortgage environment is presently characterised by offers and counter offers, variable rates and fixed rates, and so Barbadians need a professional service provider who would wade through offers and assess their suitability.

“The banks are coming out with these offers that are attractive. They are dropping rates and reducing fees and people can get confused,” she said. < Read more >

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