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JAMAICA - Ben Johnson

Date July 15, 2005 Compliments of the Nation News


A GALAXY OF MEN who starred in their chosen fields have assembled in Barbados for a massive event today and tomorrow.

Topping the list are Ben Johnson and Lou Gossett Jr, the famous Academy Award-winning actor, who are among the list of persons due to participate in the Kevin Weekes Golf Classic at the Barbados Golf Club. The play moves to Sandy Lane later.

Ben Johnson, who was born in Jamaica, stunned everyone when he arrived as he was not originally on the list.

"I have not been here for 15 years, so I took the opportunity to come to this beautiful island again and support the Kevin Weekes Foundation," he said after signing autographs for the excited crowd of children, parents and hotel staff.

Since leaving the track "Big Ben" has been concentrating on a new clothing line called BenJohnsonCollection - featuring sportswear, casual wear and shoes. He plans to launch on the island this weekend.

Gossett was enjoying the sunset at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion Hotel, after he made a presentation to a group of local children during the launch of Future Aces programme, in strolled Ben Johnson, once the world's fastest man on two heels.

"I'm delighted to be in Barbados and I'm enjoying being here," said the

6-foot-4-inch, 69-year-old Gossett, who in 1983 won Best Supporting Actor for his role in An Officer And A Gentleman.

He is also known for his role in the famous film Roots, and is preparing to shoot Caribbean Manhunt in Jamaica next month. The film is based on the trafficking of drugs from Colombia through the Caribbean and into the United States.

Weekes is also a superstar sportsman. Born in Toronto, Canada, to Bajan parents, he is the black goalie in the NHL. He has started the event to launch the Kevin Weekes Foundation on the island and also to bring more international acclaim to these shores.

Apart from these three, there are several other sporting stars here for

the classic. Several NBA players and members from the NHL have assembled and are expected to be at a party at the Ship Inn tonight.


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