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LA TIMBA LOCA (United States)
Founded in May 1998 Boston, Massachusetts- Directed by arranger & pianist Gonzalo Grau, the project combines three objectives: to recover themes considered “classical” of latin music with arrangements- in a modern style; present original material exploring music that will allow to create timba rhythem. Last but not least, to incorporate in music other propositions such as theather, braking the mold and offering a product totally unique and innovative. Their debut gave birth to one of the first bands representing that style of music away from our country. They performed in England's most important festivals & night clubs.
In 2001 they signed a contract with the venezuelan record company Carijazz- a year later their first album "Más allá de La Habana" was completed.
Months later, they toured and performed in Australia's House of the Opera. Also performing in the Global Village Festival in Sydney Australia.They are currently working on their second album. The group is made up of 11 musicians proceeding from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, United States, Costa Rica, Holland, Greece & Brazil, a wonderful mix of cultures contributing to the "crazy" sound of a age in music "timbear".

KACHIMBA 1551. (Japan)
Taro Oshiro,The leader of this band created this group in 1998.
A combination of singers, base players, pianist, percusionist, trombon & trompet players, the grupo Kachimba 1551 visit us for the first time in april 2001 – by special invitation from “Los Naranjos” the well known cienfueguera group, to participate in the celebration of the 75th anniversary.
That same year they came out with their CD "Va a pasar" and in 2002 they came back for a second ocassion to record with the cienfueguera group two songs featured in their album. This year they are recognized by the wide range of professional work: They toured Japan and will now perform in the International Festival of popular Music Benny More..and present their third album titled: "Salud", and will give them the oportunity to be recognized in our country.

CLAUDIA ACUÑA (United States)

After seven years abroad, Claudia Acuña returns to Chile and is considered the most important jazz singer in the history of that country. She arrived to the capital of Chile to captivate the country with her talent. In 1995 she moved to York where she began her popular career. In the Album, "Wind from the south", where she sings in spanish, Claudia explores her latin roots. This album was recorded in junction with musicians that performed with her previously.
Her productions have standards & original themes, alternating fom anglo and latin composers and she was the author of various work of art like "Alfonsina y el mar", "Prelude to a kiss" & "My manos gone now", among others. She proved her talent in "Rhythm of Life". and competed toe to toe with the best jazz players of all times. The latest project includes "Volver a los 17", adventurous version whos translation was done to the beat of cuban son. She travels world wide with her group and has performed on stages from all over the world, were she always gives us her beautiful voice.

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