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The Brian Lara Stadium

The Brian Lara Stadium

(Picture courtesy of the Trinidad Express displayed in the Nation News September 2006.)


AS IT STANDS TODAY, The Brian Lara Stadium is still on the list of 12 match venues for the 2007 International Cricket Council World Cup (CWC).

Yesterday, a high-powered team of assessors from the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Global Cricket Corporation (GCC) visited the venue and decided to delay their decision on the readiness.

The facility is slated to host pre-tournament matches from March 2-9 involving South Africa, Canada, Pakistan and Ireland.

Ahead of the visit, it was reported that the venue was given the boot and that the local organising committee went as far as to say that the ground would be unable to meet the November 30 deadline.

When contacted yesterday however, Don Lockerbie, the CWC's venue development director, said that was a little premature and no decision had yet been taken to scrap matches at the multi-purpose complex which was reported to cost over TT$800 million (BDS$266 million), and would have a 15 000-seat cricket ground with lights.

Lockerbie said nothing on the matter would be announced for the next two weeks as all options were being explored. He said contingency plans would now be submitted to the ICC who would then make a final determination on the venue.

"I am certain that the full and complete Brian Lara Stadium would not be 100 per cent finished in time for Cricket World Cup," Lockerbie told the media.

"What we have to do is determine whether or not enough of the stadium is finished so that we can come in with our temporary measures, which we have looked at as an option."

Lockerbie added that the CWC offices and tournament officials would have to look at the schedule that the local expert team had submitted and analyse it to determine if it could deal with.


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