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CARIBBEAN - football - Caribbean Football Union (CFU)

CFU rankings unchanged

Date June 16, 2005 Compliments of the Nation News

PORT-OF-SPAIN - Barbados is ranked at 122 in the world of football and Jamaica remain the highest ranked Caribbean team after the latest FIFA rankings yesterday.

It means that for the second month in a row, there is no positional change in the team ranking of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) nations.

Trinidad and Tobago, rated second in the CFU behind Jamaica, climbed four places up FIFA's rankings to 58th and the CFU's third ranked Cuba dropped six places to 70th on FIFA's list, but Caribbean teams otherwise had marginal movement on the world list.

Jamaica, the CFU's top team and reigning Digicel Cup champions, remained steady at 41st in the world.

The CFU's number four team Haiti slipped one place to 88th in the world and the remainder of the top-10 has St Lucia, still 118th in the world, in fifth position, followed by St Kitts and Nevis, 120th in the world, in sixth position, Barbados (122nd) seventh, St Vincent and the Grenadines (132nd) eighth, Grenada (148th) ninth, and Suriname (151st) 10th.


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