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Sports tourism

 Cricket photot compliments of the Nation news

Type in the keywords 'Cricket Holidays' on Google and see Caribzones up there in the 10 ten websites in the entire world, appropriate for a website born in the West Indies ...and based on an island where for over two centuries cricket has been a way of life!

With the World Cup 2007 finals in Barbados 'cricket island' will be the number one cricket holiday destination.

Rally racing

Not just cricket holiday but number one in the world of 'Rally racing holiday' on Also on Google number one for 'Barbados Rally Carnival'

Caribbean golf

Top in 'Caribbean golf holiday' on Number one on for keywords 'Caribbean golf real estate'

Caribbean Polo

On Caribzones is number one for 'Caribbean polo holiday' and on google number one for Caribbean polo holiday and number one for polo real estate.

cricket holiday Top 3
barbados cricket holiday Top 3
trinidad cricket holiday 1st, PLUS
barbados polo holiday 1st
rally racing holiday 1st
barbados golf holiday Top 10
caribbean volleyball 1st
sports holidays Top 10
barbados football holiday 1st
caribbean hockey holiday 1st
caribbean netball holiday 1st
barbados tennis holiday 1st

Waterports tourism

Sail Barbados

Number one and two in the world on Google for 'Catamaran cruising'.
Throughout the Caribbean on number one in 'Antigua sailing holiday'

Barbados diving

'Caribbean diving holiday' the number one website on Google. The number one on Yahoo for 'Barbados diving holiday'. And down the islands 'Grenada diving holiday' tops on Yahoo.

Surf Adventure

Surfing holiday' in the entire world on Google, in the top ten. 'Caribbean surfing holiday' on number one. 'Barbados surfing holiday' number one on google. Number one in the world on google for 'Caribbean Kite surfing holiday'.


Caribbean Cricket

Sporting islands

United Caribbean
Caribbean Real Estate
Caribbean News
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United Caribbean
Caribbean Real Estate
Caribbean News
Caribbean Art  
Caribbean Fashion  
Caribbean Food & Recipes
Conservation & Environment
Holistic Health & Beauty
Caribzones Advertising

UK Tour Operator ABTA

barbados surfing holiday Top ten
caribbean catamaran cruising Top 3
barbados sailing holiday 2nd
barbados windsurfing holiday Top 10
Barbados kitesurfing holiday 1st
barbados watersports Top 3
barbados catamaran cruising 1st, 2nd, 3rd
barbados diving holiday 1st
caribbean surfing holiday 1st
grenada diving holiday 1st
st. vincent sailing holiday 1st
Barbados fishing top 10
barbados fishing holiday 1st 2nd 3rd


Eco tourism is another niche market in which Caribzones is highly visible, with categories including whale & dolphin watching, hiking, and birdwatching. Type in the key words 'Eco tourism holiday' on yahoo Caribzones within the top 3 in the world

Hawksbill turtles

Number one on google for 'Caribbean whale watching holidays' and on google search engine number one for 'Caribbean whale watching holidays'.


Eco tourism another niche market that the Caribzones group of websites surpasses all our competition..
'Caribbean bird watching holidays' on lycos number one. Number one on alltheweb for 'Barbados bird watching holiday'

Caribbean hiking

Number one on aol for 'Barbados hiking holiday' and throughout the Caribbean, on number one for 'Antigua safari holiday' and number one on for 'Grenada hiking holiday'

horticultural holiday 1st
dominica whale watching holiday Top 10
barbados chelsea Top 10
dominica birdwatching holiday Top 10
caribbean ecotourism holiday Top 3
antigua safari holiday 1st
grenada birdwatching holiday Top 3
barbados hiking holiday 1st
caribbean bird watching holiday Top 3
barbados bird watching 1, 2, 3

Real Estate

Luxury  Barbados real estate for sale

Real Estate

The Caribbean has responded to the need for lifestyle environmental real estate and there are several Caribbean luxury developments associated with golf, polo and tennis as well as retirement communities and marina developments. On Caribzones is in the top ten.

West coast land for sale

Barbados land

Although famous for magnificent beaches, the lush interior of the various Caribbean islands is also becoming a popular choice for land purchase.

On in the top ten for 'Barbados land for sale'

Sandy Lane real estate

Sandy Lane realty

Luxury golf properties in Barbados, such as the exclusive Sandy Lane villas, are for sale or rent.

Caribzone number one on Google for Sandy Lane luxury villa real estate


caribbean luxury developments 1st, & 2nd
barbados luxury golf real estate 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
barbados luxury beachfront real estate 1st
barbados polo real estate 1st
barbados luxury polo real estate 1st

Caribbean Holidays

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