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Carriacou calypso - Leftist


Andy 'Leftist' Matheson started singing calypso as a teenager in 1987 and won the Carriacou Calypso Crown that year.

In 1988 he won the Carriacou Regatta Calypso Crown before furthering his education on the mainland in Grenada.

Returning to calypso in 1994 and recording his first song 'We never cater for dat' which won the road march in 1995.

Winning road march titles in 1999, 2002 and again this year.

Leftist with Xtrak at the Barbados Crop Over

In 1997 Leftist joined a local band X-Trak.

Seen here with the band at the opening gala of the Barbados Crop Over 2003.

He has performed as a solo act in London, New York and Grenada and with the band in the Grenadines including Union Island, Bequia and St. Vincent.

The band has performed in Grenada and Barbados, seen here at the Carib Beach Bar in Barbados last summer.

Leftist at the Carib Beach Bar in Barbados last summer


Sample "Madness" by Leftist, click below and allow the music to download.

In small islands this may take a while... it's worth the wait!


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Below are other Carriacou calypsonians visit their pages and enjoy

Big Bad Buster


Hugh 'Hugo' Alexander started singing in 2001 some of his more memorable songs are 'Beautiful Lady', 'Foreign Relationship', 'Tallawah' and 'Too Greedy' to name a few.

Marlon Noel 'Sixty'started singing in 1998 and in his debut Calypso Competition made it into the finals with 'Good old Days' a tribute to his late grandmother

Super Flint

'Super Flint' entered the Calypso arena in 2000, and secured 3rd place in DeMagra and 2nd in the Soca Monarch Show.

In the 2004 Competition he place 3rd in DeMagra.

Tarj entered the first ever Junior Soca Monarch competition in 2003 where he captured the title as Junior Soca Monarch King of Carriacou & Petit Martinique

Another member is the first president of the C.C.A Christopher 'Danjuma' Mills who was the driving force behind the formation of the association in 1996..

The main objective is the promotion and development of the calypso artfom in Carriacou.

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Carriacou capypso Contact Mrs Virginia Fleary-Noel

President of the Carriacou Calypso Association

Beuasefour, Carriacou, Grenada, W. I

Tel (473) 443 8977


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