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CARRIACOU - real estate

The Grenadines The Grenadines are today a high income, exclusive tourist destination, out of the reach of mass-tourism operators, yet offering strong growth rates good margins and excellent investment and development opportunities.

There is a net of modern small airports for small planes, linking them to most major intercontinental airports in the region including the Grenada to Carriacou.

Grenadines inter island flight

It is a fair statement to say that the most beautiful beaches on these islands can still only be reached by boat and that the best business opportunities in the commercial and tourist area are still open for grabs.

The Grenadines are unique among other things, in that they have preserved their natural beauty untouched.


Of volcanic origin, they surfaced the ocean as active craters some 50 million years ago between the island of St. Vincent in the north and Grenada in the south.


What is left today, and known as “The Grenadines” are the rest of these long extinct and re submerged volcanoes forming a chain of reefs and coral islands which have nothing to envy to those of the South Pacific.

The Grenadines

Partly private, partly populated, partly uninhabited, these islands represent the last development opportunities in the otherwise over developed over populated Caribbean.

Carriacou a perfect sailing and diving destination
White Island for sale

Caribzones is please to be able to offer White Island for sale.

A Caribbean pearl located amidst a sailing and diving paradise.

A fine white sandy beach practically surrounds the entire island and the rocky island elevation offers the perfect setting for unforgettable views of the surrounding island world.

Caribzones is please to be able to offer White Island for sale

Price: $1.4 million US.

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