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Caribzones is pleased to be able to offer this Caribbean development.

Anchorage Yacht  the only naturally protected windward anchoring in the southern CaribbeanThe "Anchorage Yacht Club" (AYC) conglomerate of businesses and services, located in Clifton Bay, Union Island (one of the Saint Vincent Grenadines islands), is owned by the "Andre Beaufrand and Company (1983) Ltd"®. (ABC), a company organized and existing under the laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines a democratic, independent British Commonwealth state in the W.I.

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located in Clifton Bay on Union Island (one of the Saint Vincent Grenadines islands)With some 11 acres of prime beach and development land dominating the coral reef lagoon of Clifton Bay, the A.Y.C. water front is the favorite safe mooring and service / provisions harbor of The Grenadines.


Union Island


Mirror like crystal clear waters, always exposed to a refreshing windward breeze, form a dream natural swimming pool and a “natural marina” / mooring destination at the same time.


located in Clifton Bay on Union Island (one of the Saint Vincent Grenadines islands)On account of these inherent prime location advantages, Union Island has developed into a “MUST” call port for all yachts sailing the Southern Windward Islands, offering most basic services and supplies and is at the same time the airport link to the Petit St. Vincent, Palm Island, and Mayerau estate islands.

Sailing in the CaribbeanThe A.Y.C. offers 12 "stern-to" berths, and a simple rail slip to repair boats which is busy beyond hope. Besides the A.Y.C. berths one will find over 100 yachts in season anchored in the lagoon.


Union Island beach barThe complex also features the best restaurant in the Grenadines; fresh daily backed French bred; ice cream, bakery and sandwiches counter; the only reliable water supply station between St. Vincent and Grenada, and serves as the support base to the ATM and other bare boat companies and charter boats.



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Inter island flightsThe A.Y.C. is also the base for most “day tour” operators serving day tour visitors who fly in from Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique to “sail and visit the Grenadines” for one day. The company is the general sales Agent for small charter aircraft and airlines. Up until 1993 the hotel operated the only airport on the island, (a concession which has been returned to the Government who has expanded the facility)

Given the privileged location of the island below the Caribbean hurricanes belt, the AYC offers a unique and natural investment and development opportunity, with enough land and sea front reserves for expansion (11 acres). As mentioned before, the Grenadines are a high income resort area, in which rooms and services sell at premium rates.

The democratic Government of St. Vincent has reaffirmed its friendly position towards foreign investors with very generous tax incentives packages to attract foreign capitals and know-how in the hotel industry and in the case of major investments with great flexibility to negotiate
extraordinary tax conditions. Saint Vincent allows Casino Hotels on its territory.

The original tax holiday of the Andre Beaufrand and Company (1983) Ltd. expired in October of 1990, but the construction of additional capacity, would automatically reinstate a 10-20 years tax holiday period depending on the project size.

As of 1997, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has acquired the status of an "off-shore" banking state.

Union Island

Union Island  in the distance Caribbean luxury sailing at its bestUnion Island is one of the smallest inhabited Caribbean islands (pop. less than 3,000), but for the sailing, cruising and tourist world in the Windward Islands it is one of the most important ones.

Located in the geographical center of the Grenadines, Union is the getaway to the wonderful coral reefs world of the Tobago Cays and Mayerau Island; to the private resort islands of Petit Saint Vincent and Palm Island, to Salt Whistle Bay on Mayerau and even to the Grenada islands of Petit Martinique & Carriacou; each of them having its own character but all of them offering a never ending series of white coral sand beaches, natural bays and lagoons with their reef barriers, set in all shades of turquoise waters. Besides being the paradise destination for most sailors south of Antigua, the Grenadines have become the choice islands of call for most luxury cruise ships offering “a day on a Caribbean Beach” on which they offer a beach day on a natural and unspoiled location.

The cruise ships dropping their anchors off these islands and having their tourist populations spend the day to the beat of steel bands on their white coral sand beaches

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