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Cool Jazz Series 4 2005

Jazz Combo Night PR

Web Posted - Fri Apr 23 2004

They have arranged some of the most stirring compositions and it will be their turn in the spotlight when their various works are showcased in an evening dedicated primarily to them – Roger Gittens, Derry Etkins, Paul Thorne, Chris Harper and Ryan Blackman – at the Notes to Note and Barbados National Terminal Co. Ltd’s Cool Jazz, which comes off this Sunday at the Southern Palms Hotel, St. Lawrence gap at 8 p.m. Aptly titled “Jazz a la mode”, original pieces created for the occasion as well as ly fashioned arrangements of Bajan classics will be performed by the Notes to Note Jazz Combo which includes: Paul Thorne on trumpet, Roger Gittens on keyboards, Bernard Yearwood on trombone and Roger Jordan on saxophone.

The event will also feature the digitally enhanced prints of William Cummins in the Love F.M. Visual Arts display. As an artist William notes that he has always worked from the inside out and thus developed images on paper drawn from subconscious and unconscious impressions and gestures. In the past year his work has been almost entirely in the digital medium. He has investigated issues of texture and colour, the hidden and unread qualities of the mundane physical environment as extracted from multi-layered photographic files. He has developed these files into , abstract or semi-abstract images which bear little resemblance to the original but which can be said to have a hidden life – an interior life of energy and history – which is evoked through manipulation on the computer.

Lovers of the spoken word art form can also expect appealing performances from Canada’s multi-talented and award-winning poet Dwayne Morgan, who will entertain with prolific pieces from his two albums: The Evolution and Soul Searching.

Sharing the stage with Dwayne are our local spoken words artists Kelly Chase; Sandra Sealy, who will perform tracks from her debut CD Beauty of the Baldhead; and Yvonne Weekes, who intends to thrill extracts from her hit CD, Madness. Tickets are available at the door. The dynamic monthly event is staged with the kind corporate support of Banks Beer, Southern Palms Hotel, Live Sound Entertainment,, the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, Merville Lynch Productions, Aya Productions and Love F.M.

Compliments of the Barbados Advocate.


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