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Cool Jazz Series 4 2005
'Fine' Art at Sunday's Cool Jazz

Notes To Note

Press Release

August 2003

Come Sunday when Notes To Note Inc. and the Barbados National Terminal Co. Ltd. culminate their six-month series of 'Cool Jazz', they will do so in grand style in what is being described as "a feisty fusion of jazz, poetry and art".

The event which will take place at the scenic Southern Palms Hotel, St. Lawrence Gap, will allow patrons the opportunity to view the works of five of the nation's talented young who are already creating names for themselves in the art world.

Curated by Oneka Small of Aya Productions, the pre-show exhibition simply dubbed 'Jazzy Art', will feature artists: William Cummins whose works "employ unique marks and gestures of a personal visual language and to evoke a life of unique myths, dreams and fragments as they relate to the psychological and physical landscape of my origins." In the past year this artist's pieces have been almost entirely in the digital medium. "I have investigated issues of texture and co lour, the hidden and unread qualities of the mundane physical environment as extracted from multi-layered photographic files. I develop these files into , abstract or semi-abstract images which bear little resemblance to the original but which can be said to have a hidden life, an interior life of energy and history, which is evoked through manipulation on the computer."

Carving his niche in sculpting is Che Edwards, son of notable sculptor Onkphra Wells. His main media is mahogany and he notes that, "The forms are organic and fluid, some sensuous resonating with the vibrancy and connectivity of nature."

Che has participated in a number of shows worldwide and has received a number of awards and commissions for his work. His most famous piece so far can be seen prominently on the grounds of Government House.

Also in the line-up of talented artists is Ivan Payne Award for Excellence in Art winner Romell Yearwood. This graduate of the Barbados Community is also the recipient of the Central Bank of Barbados Purchase Award and his winning piece, Dorum, is now on permanent display in the lobby of the Frank Collymore Hall of the Central Bank.

Rommell is a versatile artist who works in a range of mediums including painting, murals, sculpture, costume illustration and design. In 2000 he was commissioned to paint the mural for National Hero, The Right Excellent Sarah Ann Gill in the memorial room dedicated to her at the James Street Methodist Church in Bridgetown.

To date he has exhibited work in a number of group exhibitions which have included, Young Contemporaries (1998), Portfolio (2000), Barbados Arts Council shows (2001) and the Barbados Industrial Development Corporation (BIDC) show in London (2002).

Kraig Yearwood uses his talent to create works that are "the manifestations of the reflections and the relationships within my life". While his main media is acrylic on close examination the majority of his canvases are a mix of media from condom boxes to chocolate wrappers, wire, mash and burlap.

His present work has been, "an exploration into the female form and the many connotations and parallel with her as a vessel, both giving and receiving ideas. The depiction of the female form salutes the divinity in woman and the connection between the physical and the ethereal". His recent exhibition, Sacred Vessels at the Whispers Art Gallery was a holistic manifestation of this. He can also boast of being in a number of local art collections.

NIFCA Gold Award recipient Graham Gill graduated from the Barbados Community College, where he started painting in his third year of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. Encouraged by his Gold Award at NIFCA in 1998, painting has become his primary career, with freelance graphic design as a secondary pursuit.

He can boast of three solo shows- 'First Works' at Morningside, a small collection at the Waterfront gallery and his most recent to date, Post Apocalyptic Bucolic, at the Morningside Gallery. He has also had one joint show entitled 'Differently Speaking' with Andrea Skeete at the Whispers Art Gallery. According to Graham his works are "conversations with myself but they are universal conversations".

So fine art and fine jazz are the deliverables this Sunday, when the 'Jazzy Art' segment of Cool Jazz opens at 8:00 p.m. followed by thrilling performances from Andre Woodvine, Toni Stewart and special guest Linus Yaw along with poets, Sandra Sealy, Kelly Chase and Yvonne Weekes. Tickets for the event are available at the door and are priced at $10.00, half redeemable at the bar.


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