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BARBADOS - polo - action-packed final of the Diamonds International 16-goal tournament

Michal Hassid (left) of Diamonds International presents the championship crystal to Kent Cole. Looking on (second from left) Pablo Crespin and Alex Cole (right).

Web Posted - Tue Apr 04 2006 Compliments of the Barbados Advocate

Lion Castle polo ground, St. Thomas, will be scorching today when the Diamonds International highgoal polo tournament Diamonds Black are champions of highgoal polo in Barbados. They won the championship with an impressive victory 91D2 goals to 7 over Royal Pavilion last Sunday in an action-packed final of the Diamonds International 16-goal tournament played at Lion Castle polo ground in St Thomas, Barbados.
Diamonds Black did their sponsors proud to emerge victorious but had to fight down to the wire for a well earned victory after starting with 11D2-goal handcap advantage in the main attraction of the evenings double header.
The match was preceded by the subsidiary final between Diamond White and Piaget. Diamond White, under the captaincy of Sir Charles Williams, won the battle for third place crushing Piaget, led by his son Teddy Williams, eight goals to 31D2.

International five-goal player from Argentine, Pablo Crespin, in one of his most explosive performances, spearhead Diamond Black teams victory scoring six goals.

Crespin combined well with Rafael Silva an international six-goal player from Uruguay to dictate the teams strategy and received good support from captain Kent Cole and his son Alex Cole.

Diamond Blacks succes did not come easy. They were frequently under attack by the well organised Royal Pavilion united which boasted of two very skilful players Chris Hyde and J.J. Brane in the line-up.

Hyde an international six-goal player from England and Brane, the tournaments highest handicapped player with an international eight-goal handicap, both displayed brilliant stickwork in their efforts to penetrate Diamond Blacks defence.

Royal Pavilion made many dangerous raids on Diamond Blacks goal area, but while most of their goals were on the play, they failed to make good enough of their penalty shots. Hyde missed at least four 60-yard penalty shots.

Hyde, however, was the leading scorer for Royal Pavilion scoring four goals, while Brane scored three.

Diamonds BlackImmediately from the start of play Royal Pavilion picked up the attack and after Hyde failed to make goal a 60-yard penalty, Crespin made a brilliant run to goal and scored the first field goal for Diamonds Black.

Hyde quickly answered in similar fashion for Royal Pavilion to trail 2 1D2 goals - one and the play developed in to an intense battle with players riding each other hard while exhibiting great horsemanship.

Crespin and Silva were frequently locked in little battles for possession before two additional goals by Crespin- one shot from 80 yards out - swept Diamonds Black ahead 4 - 1D2 goals to one at the end of the first chukka.

Following the start of the second chukka Hyde scored a 60-yard penalty bring renewed inspiration in the Royal pavilion team, and following a combination play between Hyde and Brane, Brane scored for Royal Pavilion to trail 41D2 - 3.

Determined to hold on to their advantage, Diamonds Black scored two more goals through Crespin, both on break way runs. However, Hyde made good a 60-yard penalty to keep Royal Pavilion in the game as they trailed 61D2 goals to four at half time.

An intriguing battle ensued in the third chukka as players rode each other hard while exhibiting great individual brilliance all in the bid to get the better of each other. Both teams scored this session, Crespin for Diamonds Black and Brane for Royal Pavilion top set the stage for a exciting final chukka.

Play was quite furious in the final chukka with teams rapidly losing possession to each other as players fought bitterly to win the initiative for their respective teams.

Hyde made good a 60-yard penalty for Royal pavilion to trail 71D2 - 6, but Diamonds Black quickly responded when Kent Cole scored following a play by Rafael Silva.

Brane brought Royal Pavilion Back into striking distance as he scored a 60-yard penalty. However, Crespin sent a good pass to Kent Cole in Royal Pavilions goal area and Cole made no mistake for his team to emerge winners 91D2 goals to seven.

The victory was sweet revenge for Diamond Black, who had the pleasure of inflicting the only defeat on the Royal Pavilion, who had beaten Diamond Black 7 - 51D2 in the opening match of the series.

Sir Charles finally came good completing a hat trick to lead Diamonds White to victory 8 goals to 31D2 over Piaget who started with half of a goal handicap and trailed 4 goals to half by the end of the first chukka.

Sir Charles opened the scoring for his team, and after Fortunato Gomez Romero from Argentina also made the score sheet, Sir Charles scored a second to give his team the lead 3 - 1D2.

A goal by Englishman Jamie Dickson swept Diamonds White ahead 4 - 1D2 at the end of the first chukka.

Piaget stepped up their play and managed to reduce the lead as goals by Philip Tempro and Teddy Willams brought them within striking distance 4 - 31D2 at half time. Gomez Romero also completed a hat trick, scoring two more unanswered goals in the third chukka to push the game a bit of reach of Piaget, who fought well but failed to capitalise on any of their scoring opportunities this session.

Piaget went all out to save the game in the final chukka, but goals by Dickson and Sir Charles ensured Diamond White maintained their grip on the game, even though Tempro managed to pull back a goal for Piaget.


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