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CARRIACOU - dive package

Caribbean diving  photographs compliments of Tina Elkins The reefs, wrecks and coral walls in Carriacou remain unspoilt by the madding crowd and many remain uncharted and unexplored... underwater visibility is unparelleled and the under- water world is spectacular.
While scuba diving in Carriacou, no coral, sponges, or marine life may be taken from Grenadian waters.

Use of spear guns, poles or spears is not permitted without a license.
Caribbean diving Caribbean diving  photographs compliments of Tina Elkins
Caribbean diving Caribbean diving  photographs compliments of Tina Elkins The diving is spectacular The Deep Blue rated 1st Class by 'Skin Diver Magazine!' to be undertaken by experienced divers only!
Great drift dives along extensive reef on the Atlantic side of Tobago Cays are within a couple of hours.

You will find Rock Beauties, Angel fish, Tang, Grunts and Trigger fish... Keep an eye out for Nurse sharks and Eagle-rays!

Caribbean diving Caribbean diving  photographs compliments of Tina Elkins
Caribbean diving Caribbean diving  photographs compliments of Tina Elkins

For the less experience there is Mayreau Garden This drift-dive, through our unique underwater world, makes diving in Carriacou a memorable experience! Enormous sea fans, steep sloping reefs and an abundance of marine life... all in only 30 meters!


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Carriacou has its wrecks,Purunia Wreck a small First World War gunboat lies in a maximum depth of 12 meters. Highly recommended for underwater photographers! A great beginners dive.

There is a decompression chamber in Barbados, a 30 minute flight by low flying plane (there is an air ambulance service on the island) Fortunately their services have never been required. Click to visit other Carriacou dive sites

Caribbean diving Caribbean diving  photographs compliments of Tina Elkins

All members of the Grenada Scuba Diving association carry appropriate insurance and international affiliation.

Tyrell bay provides a great location for watersports, including dingy sailing around the bay, kayaking around the Oyster beds, taking a small craft for the day to one of the beautiful little islands or motoring over to Mabouya to enjoy a 'Castaway' experience, hiking and animal spotting. The snorkelling and scuba diving is fantastic as the area has some of the loveliest reefs in the Caribbean, protected areas within three Marine Parks. Carriacou... with views like this from the patio, at US $60 per night (sleeping 4)   this has got to  be a fantastic sporting holiday destination!
Beach Cricket As the sun sets over Tyrell Bay a game of beach cricket with the locals is a fun experience!

The little bars and restaurants around Tyrell Bay provide a perfect setting for the evening's entertainment.
Xtrak playing at Scraper's 'After Work Lime' on Friday nnight

Live music and a 'meet the locals' street party is a regular feature of Scraper's 'After Work Lime' on Friday nights.

A great place for a cool drink and a Carriacou specialty, some BBQ Juk fish!

Carriacou is a perfect venue for your Caribbean diving vacation. The trip can be either a one stop destination or a dual island package. There are direct flights to Barbados and dive tour operators can organise a week diving in Barbados followed by a week in Carriacou.

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