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DOMINICA - eco hiking tours

Freshwater & Boeri Lakes Hike

These are two crater lakes located within the Morne Trois Piton National Park. From the village of Laudat a 45-minute hike along a dirt road takes you to the first of the two lakes, the Freshwater Lake located under the shadows of Morne Micotrin, the fourth highest mountain on the island.

This lake is approximately 10 acres in size and over 80 feet deep, it is the main source of water for the island's four hydroelectric plants.
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The hike continues toward the Boeri Lake approximately an hour away. This time the hike is on a mountain trail, which passes through lush vegetation and crosses mountain streams from which you can drink. This hike is more difficult and extreme caution must be exercised on some parts of the trail which are very rocky and most times slippery.

The Boeri Lake is about 5 acres in size and is believed to be over a 130 feet deep. It is possible to swim in either of the lakes.

Time 3-4 hours

Cost per person upon request, email

We reserve the right to cancel pre arranged agreements for these hikes, due to weather conditions or if the company feels that the clients are not able to safely do the hike because of various physical conditions.

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