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DOMINICA - eco hiking tours

Hiking and birdwatching in the Caribbean - with Jabal tours -information on the Grenadines  and the Caribbean - adventure cruising holidays  whale watching off Dominica  and other eco tourism activities

Indian River, Cabrits National Park

We drive along the West Coast to Portsmouth the island's second largest town, where we take a rowboat trip up the famous Indian River, so called after the Carib Indians who lived up river and regularly used it as a route to the sea. The verdant vegetation along the banks of the river is dominated by the intricately buttressed Mang tree {Pterocarpus Officinalis}. Watch out for herons, kingfishers and iguanas. The rowboats go to an area where the river narrows and visitors can take a walk or go to the bush bar for a drink.

The river trip takes 1 - 1 1/2 hours

Next we visit the Cabrits National Park which is an 18th century garrison, which is now waging war against the army of time. The garrison was abandoned as a military post in 1854 and has gradually been taken over by the forest. In 1982 some partial restorations were carried out on Fort Shirley the main fort of the garrison. Ruins of some of the batteries and the Commandant's House are still standing and are very interesting to visit.

This tour lasts for 5-6 hours

Cost 1-4 persons inclusive of the rowboat trip upon request with extra for each additional person.

Cost per person upon request, email


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