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Endangered Species & Wildlife - gorillas & chimpanzess - Primate Species

Great apes -- gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos -- are being hunted to extinction for commercial bushmeat in the equatorial forests of west and central Africa. A ragged farflung army of 2,000 bushmeat hunters supported by the timber industry infrastructure will illegally shoot and butcher over 3,000 gorillas and 4,000 chimpanzees this year. That's five times the number of gorillas on Rwanda's Mt. Visoke and 20 times more chimpanzees than live near Tanzania's Gombe Stream. People pay a premium to eat more great apes each year than are now kept in all the zoos and laboratories of the world.

International Primate Protection League
The International Primate Protection League was founded in 1973, and has been working continuously for the well-being of primates.

IPPL has Field Representatives in 31 countries. Its Advisory Board is composed of experts from the fields of zoology, anthropology, medicine, biology, veterinary medicine, and psychology. Many IPPL officers have lived for long periods with primates in their natural habitats.

Primate Conservation, Inc.
Primate Conservation, Inc., (PCI) is an all volunteer not for profit foundation dedicated to studying, preserving and maintaining the habitats of the least known and most endangered primates in the world. Over 100 species, approaching half of all primates, are threatened or endangered. The tropical forests where most primates live are disappearing at an alarming rate.

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A Center for the Advanced Study of Ape and Human Evolution.

African Primates at Home
Data, Pictures and Audio files. All research by Dr. M.K. Holder consists of non-invasive, observational methodology. Research is possible only with permissions from the governments of host countries, and is conducted in cooperation with respective parks management personnel.

Chimp World

Educational & fun resource for kids.

See Also: Gorillacam - Johannesburg Zoo South Africa

Not the most informative of sites … but the Gorillacam images are updated continuously. Visit Max and Lisa, two of the great apes making their home at this South African zoo.

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