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BARBADOS - fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Holidays

Barbados is a popular destination for fishing holidays. The Caribbean and Atlantic waters offer Sport Fishing enthusiasts great variety and there is a wide selection of accommodation to suit every taste and budget. Take the first step towards a fantastic fishing holiday by viewing Rental Homes and booking your stay today.

“The sport is really growing and has a lot of potential. Sports fishing competition is big business all over the world,” Marshall told the Nation News

Fishing is not simple a pass-time, but a way of life in Barbados. The fishing industry and sport fishing collectivily prove to be a very rewarding experience. The waters around the island abound with a wide variety of fish and there are numerous boats available for charter, half or full day.

Fisherman like to tell the tale of the one that got away, but it could be you landing that huge Kingfish or Blue Marlin!

Most deep sea fishing charters provide all the necessary tackle and bait, transportation to and from the hotel, refreshments and drinks.
The game-fisherman's dream come true, the thrill and excitement of being five miles off Barbados with a 900lb (400kg) blue marlin on the end of his line.

Other fish that can be expected are barracuda, kingfish, tuna, billfish and dolphin (also known as mahi mahi or dorado ...not flipper!) All underweight fish are released and the remainder is sold in the Oistins fish market

Each spring the International Game Fishing Association holds the Barbados leg of the annual circuit which stretches from Guadeloupe to Trinidad with a prize of $50,000 for the record breaking fish.

The Barbados Game Fishing Association is an enthusiastic governing body that stages a series of competitive events during the early part of the year.

Barbados' best known rod & reel success was in 1996 when local angler Graham Manning caught a magnificent 910 lb Blue Marlin, It remains the top catch in the Southern Caribbean and visitors to the Grantley Adams Airport can see a replica of this amazing catch.

Most of the charter boats are owned by members of the Barbados Game Fishing Association. Safety is paramount and there is a back up service provided by the Coastguard in emergency cases. The biggest asset of the fishing fraternity in Barbados is their friendship, camaraderie and hospitality. Come and enjoy.

If you want to experience Bajan fishing 'in the raw' request to go out with one of the local fishing boats which can be found at Oistins and the Bridgetown Careenage to the South and Tent Bay in the East. The fishermen are sometimes grateful for another pair of hands... and some additional income!

Make sure you establish exactly what is expected of you. Although it may well be an exhilarating experience, pulling lobster pots and fishing nets can be extremely difficult and tough work and you can’t come back to shore when you've had enough! Fishing is not a pastime to these local men, it’s their livelihood!

Remember to use a high factor sunscreen and cover up, the sun and sea breezes burn unprotected skin.



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Tent Bay


A visit to Tent Bay is a must if you're interested in seeing the natural way of life in Barbados, this is no tourist set up attraction! Barbadian fishermen have landed their fish here for centuries.
Overlooking Tent Bay you will find one of the oldest Hotels in Barbados, Atlantis Hotel, currently under renovation.


Half a mile along Highway 7 is the fishing town of Oistins.
In 1652 the Charter of Barbados was signed in a tavern called Ye Mermaid's Inn. The charter pledged the islanders to loyal obedience to Cromwell and his Commonwealth Parliament, in return for self rule and free trade.

Today Oistins is rapidly being transformed from a primitive fishing village into the regional centre of the south.
Fish market at Oistins, fresh fish can be bought at 4pm when the daily catch is landed. Land has been reclaimed and a slipway and winch provided to help the local fishermen. A open-piled jetty is used as a landing stage for fishing boats. The Government has modernised the fishing industry and fresh fish can be bought at 4pm when the daily catch is landed.
Oistins is also the home of the now famous Oistins Festival and Fish Fry.

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Green Tara ideal for fishing close to Oistins and at US $180 per night sleeping six it's great value for money!
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Fishing Holiday


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After a great day fishing what about a great night
catamaran cruising

Barbados catamaran cruising

Fun filled day trips and romantic sunset cruises, our cruise companies offer visitors and locals alike a thrilling experience. Most of the cruise boats charge a single price, including a meal and drinks...with little imagination its not difficult to see why these cruises are popular.



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