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CARIBBEAN - fashion

Genki Designs specializes in the creation of original lines of textile surface designs for apparel and home decor items which have become the hallmark of designer Glenn Brathwaite.

Genki Designs, formerly Genki Texstyle is a Caribbean Lifestyle Design Consultancy and Production Business providing:


The aim of the Business is to produce high end quality handpainted and printed fabrics and associated product inspired by the Caribbean, its people and our lifestle.

Genki Designs1- Handpainted & printed original surface designs for apparel and home on natural fibers - Sea Island & Indian cottons, silks, linens, hessians (burlap) canvas
having dicovered pigments produced in Trinidad
we have added some synthetic fibers the list of such as Georgette Polyester Chiffon which are known for thier antiwrinkle , quick dry quality, thus making them travel friendly fabrics .

Genki Designs2- Resort Wear for lounge and elegant simplicity with distinctive Caribbean Flair, boasting harmonious tropical colours in a wide product range including
Beach Ponchos

Customized Garments/ Wardrobes, Evening Wear
Costumes for stage performance and Carnival related events for men and women.

3- Home furnishing Accessories :
Table Linens
Window Treatments
Pillow Shams
Floor Treatments
Objects d'Art ( Elemental mobiles home and garden)

4- Interior Decor( Residential and Coorparate) -include
providing services of support staff / Artisans, Artist, Crafters.Shopping and Selection, Customized items.


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Meiling  fashion designer at Caribbean Fashion Week

Nefertari at the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston Jamaica
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5- Installations ( Residential and Coorparate)- Art ,Displays for seasonal and Specialized events / occasions.

6- Vidual Product Merchanding for Stores/ shops,Trade Fairs Expositions, Spectacles and Festivities.

Genki Designs motifs are all inspired by Barbados and the essence of
Caribbean life-
Island views
T he Sea
Export Blue China Patterns
Flora and Fauna
Food (spices etc)

BUSINESS : Genki Designs
ADDRESS : # 4 West Rd ,Apt2 , Clermont , St.Micheal ,

CONTACT : (204) 424-9439 , (204)252-6560

Genki Designs Clothing Collections since conception are:

1992/ 93- " On Location "

( first international feature on" BARBADOS DESIGNS "a 5min
promotional sponsored
by HARVEYS BRISTOL CREAM ,filmed at Tamarind Cove
by CBC TELEVISION,the BBC Television, produce by
The feature was aired on Barbadian and English

1993/ 94- "Island Live-in "
( first international editorial in PANACHE
-Caribbean magazine for women
Volume 1,July 1994, Collectors Edition ,distributed

1995 - "Heartbeat Blues "
( first Caribbean featured andexported collection was
lauched after the local
Showing in Barbados at the Colony Club Hotel Trinidad at
CARIFESTA V1, with great
success attracting clients such as Zoltan, Meiling,
Heather Jones and Claudia Pegus for both Apparel and
Fabric yardage
The collection was also featured in BWIA Bee Wee Beat
inflight magazine , in a photo editorial
entitled " BARBADOS BLUES" .

19966- "Chattle House Oasis",
this Collection inspired by Caribbean flora was shown at
Sunstyle 96, a
Group Showing of Barbadian and Caribbean designers
the Orchid motif was commisioned to Heather Designs-
Trinidad .

1997 -" Island Spice "
( first international showing in Toronto at the 97 edition
of Sunstyle,
the collection was later presented in Barbados at the
Colony Club Hotel )

The Genki Texstyle Apparel line has been published in:
Panache Magazine for Women
Nation News paper
Toronto Star s
Potrhole Cruise and Resort Magazine
Caribbean Week
B.W.I.A Bee Wee Inflight Magazine. .
Island Pride Magazine
The Genki Texstyle apparel is produced to Order only .

In 2000 in order to extend our range " GENKI TEXSTYLES"
became" GENKI DESIGNS " to facilitate a market study which
indicated that 35% of our market in the age groups of 27 -45
are building and furnishing homes,thus opening avenues for
unique customized items .
While in the local Tourism Sector 5O% gift shops offered lucrative sales
projections in both wholesale and consignment for gift items , casual and
beach apparel as well as export
to other Caribbean Destinations with high end clientelle such as Mustique,
St.Lucia,& Suriname .

This also gave as a better opportunity to launch our newest Genki Innovation , the light catcher mobile collection, useing
artifacts from our local environment , like driftwood,sea tumbled polished
glass ,seeds and pods intersperced with beads, cystals and semi precious
stones , these mobiles echo
the FENG SHUI principles of WIND and WATER, and are made in (5)five
elemental colour ways -
RED / Turquoise - FIRE
GREEN / Amethyse - WOOD

And is produced so far in (3) three styles -
STYLE 1: the single pendalam
STYLE 2: the five pendulam pagoda
STYLE 3 :the drift wood
this innovative product has found favour with locals and visitors alike
with 80% leaving the island as a cherished part of a holiday well spent.
The light catchers were conceptualized and first produced three years and
made thier first appearance at the CropOver fine Craft Exhibition 2000 with
the first purchase going to London and then on to the Bridgetown Market
where we sold an estimate of 75 pieces
In 2001 an exhibition of the drift wood style complimented by African Beads
entitle "ELEMENTS OF
REST "was presented , resulting in 80% sales with the remaining 20% being
retailed at Earth Works , Potters House Gallery .
While (Style 2) went on to retail at Atlantis Submarines gift Shop.
In 2002 a commission was made by Escape Spa , Escape Hotel re
installations in thier Treatment rooms a total of 6 rooms This created
opportunities for commissions from hotel
guest , and clients of the Spa.
Marketing was done in the form of Ads placed in Island Life Magazine Issue
2 .2002,and Issue 4 .2002 .
THe product was also featured as part of an article in Vol4,
Issue three of Maco Magazine a high end lifestyle publication out of
Trinidad .
In September of 2002 the lightcatchers wre showcased at the
Caribbean Gift and Craft Show in Grenada, with emphasis on style 2 as an
easy to travel Caribbean gift,out of this we aquired clients in Mustique
and St.Lucia.
Marketing expansion continued in 2003 with the creation of a showroom at
Naniki Restaurant called Ecocentric where exclusive pieces in all three
styles are retailed along with the Works of 5 other Artist working in
Organic forms and recycled and natural materials.
Using the Vessel of CARIFESTA V111, the product has found an outlet in
Suriname .

BUSINESS : Genki Designs
ADDRESS : # 4 West Rd ,Apt2 , Clermont , St.Micheal ,

CONTACT : (204) 424-9439 , (204)252-6560


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