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Glenn Kirk Brathwaite

Glenn Brathwaite

Rooted in the Afro Caribbean experience the many branches of Glenn Brathwaite's art have blossomed into diversity.

He has designed and produced many successful collections of clothing and home furnishings as well as several full mas bands, (with kings and queens) and children's
bands. The mas, Trinidadian and Barbadian, led him to experiments in three-dimensional work of mobiles and sculpture, in which light, movement and colour are maximized. He researches his subjects in depth and adopts a philosophical approach to his choice of materials. His expressions range
from bold to subdued, while an internal logic decides the form and feeling of each piece.

Brathwaite's environmental concerns are real, and he pays respect to the Caribbean ancestral experience of overcoming adversity with creativity, a philosophy which can be reinforced through the arts and which we abandon to our peril. His intuitive connection with the Orisha has stood him in good steed, subconscious, rather than ritual, guidance has endowed him with sensitivity for what is appropriate within the ancestral spirituality. As artist in resident at the CCA7, he would be able to further explore this creative-spiritual connection.

Glenn Brathwaite is the energy of Genki Designs, specialist in the creation of exquisite hand painted surface designed textiles, suited for apparel and home decor items which have become a hallmark.

Designer lines include Caribbean inspired Flora, featuring large
sweeping lines and clean warm hues, which evoke the sunny atmosphere, freedom and informality of plant life entitled "Genki Islands"

Genki DesignsAnother favored line entitled "Heartbeat Blues" is inspired by the intricate details of Export blue china, which made its way into the Caribbean region at the very beginnings of our colonial history in the 18th century, organized patterns of swirling lines and stylized floral shapes create a classical look with a capricious appeal. Genki Designs Textiles have also been impactful on some Trinidadian fashion houses, creating collections or Claudia Pegus, Heather Jones, Zoltan and Mielin.

Genki Designs has had 6 group showings and 4 solo shows: was launched in Trinidad at Carifesta V1 1995, and has appeared in BeeWee in-flight magazine, PANACHE, and Porthole cruise and resort magazines. Genki Designs last pret a Porte' collection was shown at Sunstyle '97 in Toronto.

The Genki apparel line is now created to customized order only along with an accessory line of 1 off sarongs and scarves. The
creativity of Genki Designs peaks in the installation Light Catcher Mobile collections, using artifacts from the environment, including driftwood, sea tumbled glass, seeds and pods which are accented by beads, semi precious stones and wires, they echo the practice of Feng Shui encapsulates thus in a broadbased body of principles that promise prosperity, and abundance, peace and eternity, health and longevity, according to Feng Shui guidelines of harmony & balance.



Nefertari at the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston Jamaica
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Feng Shui, the art of harnessing wind and water is all about capturing or creating Chi, the Chinese ancients refer to Chi as the Dragon's breath, signing to it magical connotations expressed in lyrical terms." from Applied Pa-Kua and Lo Shu Feng Shui by Lillian Too, 6th printing, August 1995.

It teaches that our fates are inextricably entwined with the creative
and destructive powers of nature. This Caribbean product has found favour with practitioners of Alterative medicine, Yoga, Reiki, Massage and Crystal Healing.

Genki Designs solo showing on Dec.9.002 featured mobiles of Driftwood and African beads another play on the Trans Atlantic Passage of East meets West by trade and chance, with 95% of the collection entering Private collections.

Genki designs collection pieces are sold in Trinidad, Mustique, and Barbados, where we also produce personalized pieces.

On the 10.02.003 Genki designs embarked on a shop \ Showroom
called Eco Centric situated at Naniki Restaurant in a beautiful gully
featuring a panoramic view of the breathtaking East Coast of Barbados to showcase Genki product as well as to bring together eight other Barbadian based artist creating in recycled and eco conscious materials and hope to represent two others.

Genki Designs would like to establish contact with other Eco Artist to promote and represent their interest, and to have an Ecocentric in every Caribbean territory.

Project Proposal re Residency

I Glenn K. Brathwaite would like during the course of my
proposed residency, to explore West African Myths and Fables in the form of the Anansi stories, Yoruban Orisha tales, Webs and the Native Indian dream catchers and story telling via symbolic objects and their connection to our Afro-Caribbean experience. Using them to create a collection of suspended installation pieces and fabric designs based on harmonious life style, for the body and the home. Creating an interwoven tapestry of the productive cycle to develop without destruction using products of nature and to recycle product from industry, as was done with the steel drum the development of pan. It is my belief that mankind on familiar ground impresses others by being skilled at their work. Home ground is still nature too, but has been since creation, been taken into the culture, meaning that it is civilized and appeased. The ancestors have been resting in it's depths since the dawn of time. The earth is sacred: she provides the raw materials needed in the manufacture of goods she feeds us, speaks to us in signs, and guards over the order of life and punishes transgressors with infertilility, bad harvest, sickness and death. There is more to field and bush than they immediate apparent forms and attributes, behind the refuge of appearances hide the stuctures of another transcendent world. This world and beyond is merged fluently with nature, surprising events, a stumble, or a slip, a lucky find and suchlike can be signs from spirits or reminders of encounters with them.

Reason re Trinidad for residency programme

In my many visits to the island of Trinidad, experiencing the Mas' and other artistic pursuits, I feel the revered energies of the ancestors and their guidance in the creative process, being a devotee of Oshun I feel the presence of the love of creativity in all it sensual power this is an inspiration to me, hence my wanting to do a residency there.


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