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BARBADOS - holistic health and beauty

Over the past few years the idea of holistic health has grown in popularity in Barbados and there are several clinics that offer complimentary treatments and products.

In today’s busy lifestyles when proper nourishment is not always available many people use VRP supplements to obtain the minerals, enzymes, herbs and vitamins they may be lacking.

The Maas Clinic is the Caribbean’s premier Osteopathic & Functional Diagnostic Medical Clinic. With over 15 years of clinical experience and patients from all over the world, the Maas Clinic has become a pioneer in empowering patients to achieve optimum health and rejuvenation.

The Hidden Cure by Laurens MaasLaurens Maas’ first book The Hidden Cure: the 5 Laws of Perfect Health is available on Amazon
Simply put, the 5 laws are about the 5 molecules of health: sugars, proteins, fats, minerals and electricity.

It is the balance of the 5 molecules that exist within us all that determines the overall health of the individual. This book is a simple guide to teach you how to gain total control of your health for the better, now and for the rest of your life.

Sustenance in biblical times, raw and natural, was a diet in balance with nature and can be considered the original organic lifestyle. Today, our world is filled with biochemical agents, pathogens and fungi that drastically impact our health. Nothing escapes environmental assaults.

The Hidden Cure: The 5 Laws of Perfect Health gives you the knowledge to combat today’s ecological hazards. Laurens Maas explains how fungi cause many of our ailments. In this solution-based handbook, he outlines a clinically proven easy-to-follow plan to reduce the fungal and toxic load in your diet and reboot your nervous system as a means to holistic recovery.

The 5 Laws, which help reverse and eliminate the adverse affects of global fungal pollution, include reducing sugar and carbohydrates, eating proteins according to your blood type, eating fats according to your metabolism, eating vegetables that influence you body’s biochemical speed and correcting your body's electromagnetic frequencies. With case studies, a seven-day eating plan and helpful recipes included.

The 5 Laws of Perfect Health will help your body promote a powerful immune system, rebalance your internal environment and lead you to optimal health.

Scroll down for vital health information from the Maas Clinic.

Overseas Patients:

Due to the growing volume of overseas patients coming in for nutritional rehabilitation the Clinic will endeavour to assist with recommendations on accommodations and other relevant local information.

Staff & Practice Policy:

The practice has several members. Each of the Physicians/Practitioners are highly trained at International University level and licensed and registered under local and state board regulations. The Clinic endeavours to be meticulous in the management of each patient. Osteopathic Medicine is covered by most insurance companies. Each of the Practitioners reserves the right not to treat a patient.

The following information on health and diet is reproduced with the kind permission of the Maas Clinic

Basic Requirements for good health

  • Good nutritious food
  • Clean water
  • Clean air, especially when exercising
  • Regular meals
  • Stretching / exercising
  • Washed vegetables.

Water Quality and Life

  • Scientific research has greatly improved our understanding of the unique properties of water. The quality of life that our cells experience and their matrix or mesenchyme, and by extension of that our own body's performance, is determined by the quality of water.
  • It has several roles that cannot be replaced by anything man-made.
  • It should be as pure as possible.
  • The pH of the water should be between 8.5---9.5
  • The redox should be less than 25, millivolts;
  • Lower is better
  • The resistivity approximately 15,000.

What's Your Metabolic Type?

Metabolic types and food combining; based on the work of Dr's Atkins and Watson. Broadly speaking there are two metabolic types. Slow and fast oxidizers... and the oxidizer part relates to how fast the patient’s body metabolizes carbohydrates.

There are a lot of people in the world that believe that they can control their diseases by their diet. And it's true. Hippocrates said "let medicine be your food and let food be your medicine" and how true that really is. The trick is to know how to match your food with your metabolic type, so that your metabolism can "burn" the fuel and not store it in a fat cell; and how well your digestion and absorption deals with that food and to convert it into ENERGY. What cannot be achieved through the food is supplemented with minerals, enzymes, herbs and vitamins.

Food tips

  • Always wash and clean vegetables and fruit well.
  • Steam, bake, grill or stir fry, with only the best oils.
  • Never re-use the oil, as the food fragments left behind cook to carbon and that's very toxic for your body!
  • Minimize or avoid food combining starches and proteins.
  • Proteins need a strong acid to be broken down so a pH of 1-2.... in the form of HCL is secreted by your stomach cells.
  • Carbs and starches need an enzyme pH of 6.5 to 6.75, from the saliva glands and pancreas (and the enzyme is very sensitive to the surrounding pH environment, so a strong shift in an acid direction can slow the performance of the digestive reactions).
    Mixing those two brews problems in your tummy and tubes, causing FERMENTATION, GAS AND BLOATING.
  • N.B. Feeling bloated is NOT the same as feeling full.
    Eat lots of vegetables and salad.
  • Between four to five vegetables is the minimum requirement to avoid biochemical deficiencies.
  • Below is a Candida/ultra clean diet, minimizing the toxic burden on the body.
    Avoid sugar, yeasts, chocolate, white flour, non- organic meats, fermented products and dairy. It is hard because these foods are VERY VERY addictive. Withdrawal takes sacrifice!


  • Most of the time.
  • Salmon, mackerel, cod, snapper, tuna, Dorado, chicken breast(free range), sardines, trout, flying fish, king fish, turkey breast( free range), eggs(poached or soft-boiled).
  • Lamb, shellfish, tofu.


  • Yoghurt (goats or cows), soya milk, rice milk


  • Olive oil, olives, garlic and garlic oil (great for attacking yeast) sesame oil and tahini, flax seeds and oil, almonds and almond butter, butter, palm oil, walnuts (check for mould), brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, mayonnaise (sparingly), avocado and guacamole.
  • Vegetable/Carbs

  • Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard greens, turnips, radishes, watercress, tomatoes spinach, romaine, nettle, garlic (again because it's so great), onions, zucchini, celery, sprouts (fresh only) fresh herbs, okra, eggplant, leeks, cucumber, yellow squash.

    Starches with glycemic index

  • Barley 36
  • Pasta ( variable) 40-130
  • Lentils 41
  • Kidney beans 42
  • Lima beans 46
  • Chickpeas 47-60
  • Tortillas 54
  • Peas 68-70
  • Bulgar 68
  • Rye Kernel 71
  • Rice (all kinds) approx 75-85
  • Sweet potato 77
  • Buckwheat 78
  • Corn 78
  • potato 81
  • Beets 91
  • Cous cous 93
  • Rye flour 92
  • Carrots 101
  • Baked potato 120
  • Parsnip 140


  • These are not to be eaten while on the Candida diet and no canned fruit, fresh is best.
  • Clean the fruit.
  • Eat by themselves.
  • cherries 32
  • plums 34
  • grapefruit 36-40
  • peaches 44
  • pears 50-55
  • apples 52
  • grapes 62
  • kiwi 75
  • bananas 76
  • mangoes 80
  • pineapple 94
  • watermelon 102

If you want to LOSE weight, choose starches less than 60. If you want to GAIN weight, choose above 60.


  • Drink at least 8-12 oz glasses of water /day while doing a detox !
  • Filtered tap water, herbal teas, ginger tea, natural lemonade (made from water, a little lemon and lime and stevia), dandelion tea or coffee, green tea, vegetable /chicken broth.
    Avoid sugar, alcohol, chocolate, soft drinks, packaged fruit juice, cigarettes, coffee and tea, coke and diet coke.
  • ( Q = why? A = because they all upset the liver enzyme system and that organ is really important, because it cleans the food as well as the blood and your body's waste !)

Kidney diet

With this diet always think reduce the acid load and max the alkalizing load!

  • These food are very beneficial to this pair of filters;
  • Acidophilus, asparagus, barley, celery, potato broth, cranberries, dandelion, juniper, parsley, pumpkin seeds. Yoghurt (live) and fish are good sources of protein.
  • Understand why to strictly avoid highly acidic foods and be consistent and kind with yourself.


The Modern Toxic Environment Definition

~' toks-sin'~ The word toxin is any poisonous substance which , when ingested, inhaled or absorbed, or when applied to, injected into or developed within the body (from other organisms), in relatively small amounts, by its chemical action can damage /destroy the life or harm the health of a living animal or plant.

Here are some facts

  • Over 2.2 billion pounds of toxic chemicals released in the USA in 1994 US Environmental Protection Agency,
  • In the USA, 4000 additives are allowed in foods.......
  • There are currently over 1500 different pesticides used in over 50 000 products used in North America alone..... these have some rules of use. 
Third world countries have no strict use policy on most pesticides.
    Humans are on top of the food-chain organism, what we send out into the world we will get it back into our bodies sooner or later..... what goes around, comes around....



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