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IndraOnto the music scene emerges a refreshing expression of honest innocence. Indra. This pint-sized Caribbean songbird brings a delightfully youthful approach to a wave in the Ringbang tide, with her debut album entitled “Ringbang 4 Kids!” (released March 2003.) Clearly a character filled with both an infectiously playful spirit and a strong sense of values, Indra proudly heralds the message of Ringbang (“Believe in yourself first!”) throughout this gem of a collection.

Years of priceless apprenticeship [under the loving guidance of internationally-renowned musical maestro, Eddy Grant, have sculpted and fortified this little island treasure, whose inception into the musical arena began with an all-girl group of close friends, called Legend.

In 1994, internationally-acclaimed musical icon Eddy Grant took the trio ‘under his wing,’ initially featuring the group as backing vocalists for his elite family of artistes: Roaring Lion, The Mighty Gabby, Duke, Calypso Rose, Super Blue, Viking Tundah, Adisa Andwele, Roy Cape & The AllStars, and himself [‘Hearts & Diamonds’ album.]

Never losing sight of her dream, after Legend amicably disbanded in 1996, Indra decided it was time to focus on professional performance experience, singing lead vocals in local bands within the hotel and nightclub circuits. During this period, she released her first solo; an original entitled ‘Soca Samba,’ which was featured on the Barbadian/Canadian compilation, ‘Malibu Massive Congaline Hits.’

In 2000, Indra published her first book entitled, “The Human Bean –15 Lessons In Self-Evaluation & Finding Your Purpose (ISBN 976-8078-66-9).” This led to interviews on live local talk-shows, “Mornin’ Barbados,” and “The Chat Room,” followed by a series of school & camp workshops in both Barbados and Dominica.

In 2001, Indra reunited with fellow Ringbang Souljah, Rhythm Poet Adisa (Àja) Andwele, and became sole female vocalist in his band, Fuzion. The team embarked upon a groundbreaking tour, performing at the largest open-air ‘World Music’ Festival in Rudolstadt [GERMANY], the Afro-Pfingsten Soul Of Africa Festival in Winterthur [SWITZERLAND], Weltnacht Festival in Bielefeld [GERMANY], MANCHESTER Jazz Festival, and the BELGIUM Sfinks Festival. Indra was also one of twenty Caribbean artistes selected, to attend the Caribbean Music Expo/UNESCO 2003 10-day ‘Artist In Development’ workshop series held in JAMAICA, after which she embarked upon a regional promotional tour.


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“Ringbang is the approach that you bring to the music. We, in the Caribbean have a unique and distinctive cultural reality and rhythm of life, and that must always be reflected in all that we do. To do otherwise is to denounce an entire life experience. If I hadn’t come under Eddy’s tutelage, I would have been just another artistic dreamer wanting to be the No. 52 Whitney Houston instead of the No. 1 Indra.

We must learn to love ourselves, and by extension we will love and value all that we create. We have to begin placing ourselves first, for if we continue to always refer to ourselves as secondary we will forever act as such. That’s the beauty of Ringbang. It is a powerful philosophy, a way of life...something greater than us that we can belong to, and be empowered and represented by. Ringbang has the potential to evolve into the fingerprint of a nation; it’s about time we took shade under the umbrella of one of our own.”

The Caribbean presents to you, a gifted spirit…Indra, who now goes SOLO.

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