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Indra's book - The Human Bean

[Friday, November 28, 2003]

15 Lessons In Self-Evaluation & Finding Your Purpose"
ISBN 976-8078-66-9) © 2000
An Excerpt:

Each of us has our own story. Some more bright than others, some more amusing and intriguing, and some laced with sadness and abuse. Through various outlets, we can each find our sunshine and solace.
Since childhood, we’ve been taught to share, not only material possessions, but also love, attention, affection, and words. Many of us are ashamed of our stories. We’re busily trying to write the happy ending to the book of our lives, forgetting that there must be a link between the beginning and the end. Without a beginning, there can be no end, and that is the reality of this life. A voice must carry the s, or the message shall never be delivered…the valuable lesson never learned…and necessary change un-made.

One of our favourite past times: criticizing the actions of others. We are all guilty of this, to some degree. Via comparison, whether it is moral or monetary, we rate one another according to our position, on what I like to refer to as the “SOCIETY SCALE.”

Let’s take a step back into time, shall we? The history of the frailty of the human mind is, on one hand, amusing, while on the other hand, alarming, since we are governed by our own kind. The following chapter offers a few entertaining and almost embarrassing illustrations.


“Monkey see, Monkey do.”

SOCIETY SCALE says, “The earth is flat!”
The human race subsequently cries, ‘Yes, the earth is flat!”

SOCIETY SCALE announces, “Umm, ok, people. We double-checked and kinda made a little ‘boo-boo’ there…the earth is now…round!”
The human race subsequently agrees, “No prob. We all make mistakes. The earth is now round!”

SOCIETY SCALE says, “Christopher Columbus has discovered a World!”
The human race subsequently cries, “Hooray! Christopher Columbus has discovered the World!”

SOCIETY SCALE corrects, “Ok, folks. We thought long and hard about this. He couldn’t have discovered a place, that was already inhabited, so…umm…”
The human race agrees, “ You’re right. Well…he still was a damn good sailor. “Three Cheers” for Christopher Columbus! He civilized the barbaric natives! Wait a minute – isn’t that us?”

SOCIETY SCALE says, “All men are equal! Justice for all!”
The human race excitedly rejoices, “Oh, thank you! We just k we were equal!”

SOCIETY SCALE mumbles, “Now wait a minute. All men may be equal, but you people can’t have the same privileges in society. That’s not gonna be a problem, is it? Better not be.”

What has happened, is that we as a people have been artfully dissected and re-programmed. We do not realise how our lives and its contents are highly influenced and manipulated by society and its many rigid guidelines. It is society that dictates and manipulates our choices, and it is society that castigates those who dare to defy the rules enforced. We are conditioned via many mediums (television, radio, advertisements, films, literature) which subsequently direct and control every component in our lives: What, Where and How. Society tells us what, where, when and how to buy, study, live, love, think…the list is infinite.
The media is one of the most powerful tools of our time; however, tools can be two things: educational and harmful. How each individual perceives a tool’s usefulness, determines the effect it has.

We are now faced with an incredible challenge, due to the severely harmful effects of subliminal programming. What kind of world are we presenting to our children? A world ridden with mental corruption, sexual obsession, drug addiction, material infatuation, as well as racial and religious warfare? Oh no? Read the newspapers, watch the popular television shows, cartoons, music videos, advertisements, or read the literature, the magazines, ‘surf’ the Internet…take your pick. We can no longer deny it. We have been infected. Moral decay has successfully contaminated our population, and we’re blindly consuming every form of refuse they feed us. I think we’re all aware of who ‘they’ are.


The Caribbean presents to you, a gifted spirit…Indra, who now goes SOLO.

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