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Ice Records


all things have a natural swing -
. . . don’t suppress it.
at a certain point all rhythms meet -
. . . don’t deny it.
no ring-bang, no rhythm -
. . . no melody, no music, etc.

Welcome to Ringbang®!

Welcome to the Ringbang Culture!

Well, it’s guidance of the youth through ‘Art’, and through a concept that reminds the people of the Caribbean that their true value resides in their ability to be creators of intellectual property right down to the way they ‘Walk and Talk,’ and most importantly, that no respect is achieved by a people who cannot find the greatest value in what they are. This intrinsically is what Ringbang is about, VALUE.

We must find the greatest value in what we are; what we grow, what we make, how we look, no matter how funny we appear by other peoples’ standards. We have to create an alternativesStandard for ourselves, as those created by others were not for our benefit. This is RINGBANG. It is O-riginal, and it is eventually our only hope as we travel through an increasingly more hostile world that is being recreated to exclude us as true participators in a ‘global bonanza.’

The facets of Ringbang are multitudinous, and as it develops, aspects become apparent. At first there was the RINGBANG MUSIC developed as a medium through which the young people of the Caribbean could truly speak to each other musically and otherwise. In the past, all music consumed in the Caribbean by Caribbean people was made exclusively by older folks for older folks or younger folks for older folks and ‘if the young people like it they like it.’ Calypso, and all the other music forms, cross-pollinated very little, and generally, the young people wishing to contribute were always besieged by ‘know-alls’ debating ‘who really did what’ and ‘which country owned what,’ etc.

RINGBANG drew a line under all of that. It was then no longer required that in order to be genuine THIS OR THAT you had to have HORNS or any such like. With Ringbang everything became elemental; you play wha’ you got and ‘RIDDAM IS BOSS’ anyway, so once it could play riddam, you cool. So now we are truly being productive – you see how it wuk? You don’t have to be afraid to play anything on anything… EDDY GRANT SEH SOH an’ ah he wha’ conceptualise de ting name RINGBANG.

Ringbang Music allows the aspiring Ringbang Artist to use all that is available to create MUSIC ……Ringbang Music.

As the finishing touches were being put on ICE Records Ltd. latest Ringbang creation, aptly named “Ringbang Rebel Dance,” it became very apparent that the talented Ringbang Artists and Eddy Grant were re-writing and re-drawing the boundaries of Popular Music. The music invades your body and your consciousness. It is the natural progression of Caribbean Music, and is sure to be a major force in the future direction of Popular Music.

Ringbang® is currently gaining momentum worldwide, from Dance Clubs in London, England to Underground Bars in York City, from Massive Street Festivals in Toronto, Canada to the Carnivals of the Caribbean. People everywhere are catching Ringbang Fever. The late Roaring Lion, Correctly described by Ice Records owner, Eddy Grant as "a wise old sage with the mind of a youth," is one of the founding statesmen of calypso music. Roaring Lion, who performed well into his 90's, experienced a mega hit in 1995 with “Papa Chunks,” a merger of the old and the ... Ringbang.

Superblue, Square One, Preacher, Grandmaster, Adisa, Viking Tundah, Legend, The Lewis Brothers, Gabby, Grynner and many other talented artists on the ICE Records label are making Ringbang explode on to the scene!! And they are not alone! DJ Grandmaster, Nigel and Marvin Lewis as well as all current young and many mature Caribbean artistes, including Beenie Man, are making Ringbang Music.

As the Lingwa goes... This is the final frontier..... Enjoy ..... RINGBANG®!!

In much the same way RINGBANG PHILOSOPHY through the Ringbang Belief System calls on the World to ‘Burn The Books Of Lies’ (HISTORY). As we go into this revisit of the digital age, the information which we all know to be LIES must not be allowed to continue by replicating it in the digital format. This would enable all the peoples of this world to live a little more harmoniously, and by accepting their Ringbang, those who now control the affairs of this world would recognise their true history and heritage as they would ours and make reparation to those who have been wronged at the hands of their forefathers and as a result continue blindly and arrogantly to do so.

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