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International Foundation for Peace, and Poverty Eradication

AjaWe live in very troubling times. The cultural and philosophical differences of the world’s two major religions are on the verge of plunging the world into a major blood bath; international conflicts and civil wars are burning in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America; and in the process millions of people are not only dying as a result of these military conflicts but also as a result of famine, drought and HIV-AIDS.

Man’s technological advancements have transformed the world into a global village. However, they seem incapable of halting this continual cycle of conflict, war and death, as well as social decay and economic oppression.

This situation has led to the formation of The International Foundation for Peace & Poverty Eradication (ifppe) by the Barbadian performance poet/musician AJA:

AfricaIFPPE was launched on Friday, October 31st 2003 at the United Nations House, Barbados.

The Foundation was officially launched by the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley.

"This is a dream come true" says founder AJA. "It is a natural progression of my belief that peace and poverty eradication could be achieved in the world".

International Trust & Charity

The ifppe is a trust and international charity that will use its funds and donations to:

1. Achieve its objectives.

2. Promote its work around the world.

Its first project is the production and promotion of AJA’s CD, book and documentary, which inspired its establishment. Proceeds from their sales will go back to the ifppe.

AJA (Adisa Jelani Andwele)

Aja (Adisa Jelani Andwele) is one of the leading exponents of performance poetry in the Caribbean. Over the last three years, he has been establishing himself on the “World Music” scene and international performance poetry circuit.


Music of the Islands

Dont let me die

The Great Deception

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From his emergence as a poet in the 1980’s, AJA has focused on many of the world’s problems. War, social decay and economic suppression, and in particular their impact on children, have been the themes of his work. They include “Poor People Dead”, “Light a Candle for the Children”, “Live as One” and “Living in Hell”.

His works are also featured in a collection of poems entitled “Antiquity” which is published by Peepal Tree Press, Leeds, England. For more information on AJA’s recordings and “Antiquity” visit his website:

The Great DeceptionAJA recently released his fifth solo CD entitled “The Great Deception”. The CD is part of a project to trigger an international campaign against war and poverty. Order the CD here.

Proceeds from the sales of the CD in Barbados will be donated to the Ministry of Social Transformation of Barbados for its poverty alleviation efforts.

His persistency in terms of focusing on human suffering was recently rewarded when he was made a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Spokesperson for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean:

As a result, AJA is working on projects for the UNDP, UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Transformation of Barbados. The National HIV/AIDS Commission - Barbados also appointed ÁJA as one of its HIV/AIDS Champions:


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