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International Foundation for Peace, and Poverty Eradication


The ifppe was triggered after ÁJA wrote a collection of poetry between July and August 2002. The publication will form part of the first project by the ifppe. The others will be a CD and a television documentary, which were inspired by the collection of poems.


The Book
The poems highlight the suffering cause by war, conflict, social decay, economic suppression and HIV-AIDS, particularly on children. The book will also feature black and white photographs, which ÁJA intends to film himself in countries around the world. Like the poems, the photos will capture the negative impact of war, poverty and HIV-AIDS.


The Great DeceptionThe spoken-word CD was released on October 31, 2003.
Entitled “The Great Deception”, it contains 10 of the poems which will be featured in the book. For further information visit the website:

The Documentary

Help neededThe filming of the photographs by AJA will lead to the third aspect of the project – the making of a documentary. The documentary will be based on AJA’s travels to shoot the photographs for the book. The countries identified to start the project are Bosnia, Brazil, Ghana, Haiti, India, Israel, Jamaica, Palestine, Sierra Leone and South Africa. However, many other countries will be involved. The documentary will be produced by the Barbadian television station, the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Caribzones working in association with Aja will be in a position to follow him as he travels around the world with a 'gift from Barbados'.



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The Great Deception

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