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CARIBBEAN - netball

Barbados Under-21 goal shoot Cassandra Cutting (left) getting both hands on the ball ahead of EnglandÕs Hannah Reid. Barbados edged England 38-37. Netball is a unique game that is beginning to draw great interest from all corners of the globe. It is a game of bold athletic action, combining agility, flair, speed and tactical thinking.

Seen here the Barbados Under-21 goal shoot Cassandra Cutting (left) getting both hands on the ball ahead of EnglandÕs Hannah Reid. Barbados edged England 38-37.

The International Netball Federation Limited is the governing body of Netball throughout the world. IFNA's roots go back to 1960 when, at a meeting in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, representatives from England, Australia, Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies established The International Federation of Women's Basketball and Netball. Towards the end of the 1990s, IFNA's business strategy was reviewed and a limited company established.

A survey by IFNA revealed that men's netball is regularly being played in Barbados, St Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua, Jamaica, St Vincent & The Grenadines, India, Pakistan, England, Canada, Australia and Zealand. Samoa and Namibia,

In Trinidad & Tobago, Lystra Lewis of the IFNA Members Council, recalls that men's netball is not new to the island. She said that men have been playing the game since the 1930's - umpiring, playing and coaching. In fact, the former Port of Spain Mayor, George Cabral, was the first President of The Port of Spain Netball League.

Netball has become the most popular female sport in the Caribbean, one of the reasons so many UK teams visit our shores annually. Not only do they find an excellent climate, but also lots of spirited competition!

At the recently concluded 21st Caribbean Netball Championships held in Trinidad, Jamaica emerged victorious over second placed Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago placed third and St. Vincent and the Grenadines was fourth.

For details on how to bring your team to the Caribbean for a Netball holiday combining sport, sun and fun, contact us by emailing

Barbados netball

Barbados under 16 netball team Barbados is the perfect year round Netball Destination, with a wonderful tropical climate combined with competitive local players and great facilities for your team.


Netball has been played in Barbados since the 1940’s, where the game has remained the most widely placed female sport on the island. Barbados is currently ranked 7 th in the world and second in the Caribbean behind Jamaica.

The Barbados Netball Association is responsible for the organisation of Netball on the island, both regionally and internationally, with just under 45 clubs and two leagues being affiliated to the BNA. Netball is played in all 22 secondary schools on the island, organised by the Barbados Secondary Schools Leagues. Competitions are played in Under 15 and Under 19 categories and at primary level under 13.

goal shooter Lydia Bishop (left) showed why she is one of the best goal shooters in Barbados, taking full command of the circle. Also going for the ball is goal attack Janilla Thornhill (right) and EnglandÕs Pamela Cookey.

Just over 1200 players participate at club level in 10 divisions with ages ranging from 11-58. Club and Tours are played principally at the Netball stadium in Waterford, St Michael, which showcases three hard courts and seats approx 1000 spectators.

Barbados NetFest 2005The Barbados Netball Association will host the 2005 Barbados Netball Festival.

The event will be held during the May 2005 during the half-term holiday and is open to to senior sides right down to the U12's

Numerous schools will attend, and the programme features a wide range of health activities, educational excursions and great fun!

Teams will play with excellent local sides and the party after promises to be fantastic.

For further details contact us by emailing


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