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CARIBBEAN - accommodation

Luxury villa rental

Accommodation in the Caribbean is enjoyed by people with a diversity of tastes and requirements. Secluded Caribbean villas and high-profile luxury hotels, rustic cottages and budget beds, a stylish location for entertaining guests, or a cottage close to good surfing.

Barbados west coast luxury villa rental

Luxury villas

There are many superb properties to be found in the islands of the Caribbean, for sale and for rent. Enjoy the elegance of a Luxury villas in Barbados, where the magnificent West Coast properties are much in demand.

Barbados south coast hotel

Barbados Hotels

Barbados offers a host of attractive hotel rooms and suites set in glorious, tropical gardens at the edge of the white-sand bordered turquoise sea. An ideal setting for your holiday or business accommodation.


Luzuey apartments


Barbados has apartments to suit every price range. The West coast has many superb high end properties while budget apartments are more to be found on the South and East coasts.

Barbados luxury tennis villa for rent

Tennis Townhouses

If tennis is your game there are luxury villas with private tennis courts for rent and for sale throughout the Caribbean. In Barbados Sugar Bay properties enjoy the facilities of the David and John Lloyd tennis village at Sugar Hill.

Luxury  golf real estate

Barbados Golf villas

There are luxury golf properties for rent adjacent to world class Caribbean golf courses, as well as golfing properties for sale. In Barbados, there are luxury villas situated in highly sought after locations by the prestigious Sandy Lane Golf Course.


Luxury polo villa for rent

Polo properties

Polo is gaining in popularity worldwide and Caribbean polo is no exception. Jamaica and Trinidad both have polo facilities and Barbados polo, formally at Holders, has seen the addition of two excellent facilities. Polo real estate is a fast growing market with luxury Polo villas for rent.

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Country properties

Country homes

Although famous for magnificent beaches the lush interior of the various Caribbean islands is also becoming popular for properties to purchase or rent, including Plantation houses in Barbados.

Port St Charles


Sailing enthusiasts, or those simply seeking a holiday in a unique environment, will certainly agree that Port St Charles is the ultimate reward. The marina offers an abundance of facilities open to all guests, including an excellent restaurant.

Beach front real estate


As Barbados is a relatively small Caribbean island, beachfront property is highly sought after, particularly on the calm, palm-fringed Caribbean west coast, where beachfront real estate encompasses small private beach houses, palatial mansions and elegant condo estates.

Budget accommodation


Although Barbados is essentially a luxury destination by virtue of its magnificent climate, white sand beaches and crystal-clear Caribbean sea, there are many smaller hotels, villas and beach apartments that offer excellent accommodation at reasonable rates.




Royal Westmoreland exudes a calming sense of peace and privacy, while at Gunsite, townhouse living is at its best.

For an inland development Millennium Heights offers elegant Barbadian living.



Experience the luxury of Sandy Lane, the ultimate reward that is Port St Charles or a tropical dream come true at Sugar Hill and Sugar Bay seen above.

View other properties For Sale and accommodation For Rent plus prime land real estate for sale in Barbados

Caribbean accommodation ranges from royal to rustic.

Porters Court

West coast realty

World class golf courses and a wonderful climate ensure that the west coast of Barbados is a premier golf destination with excellent luxury golf real estate.

East coast windward real estate


Surfers rent 'bay houses' and mingle with the locals enjoying the friendly laid back atmosphere. Enjoy great surfing holidays on the east coast

Cool Jazz


Music in the Caribbean covers a wide spectrum. From an early age Caribbean children learn to appreciate calypso, soca and reggae, at school and special occasions they are introduced to the classics and at church, music is the expression of joy and faith.

West Indies cricket


Due to the reliability of the climate, the excellent facilities, keen competition and warm hospitality, the Caribbean is fast becoming the destination of choice for a variety of sports holidays, both individual and team sports.


Caribbean watersports

Water Sports

The islands of the region offer the perfect location from which to enjoy a wide variety of watersports, both above and below the surface of the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean.

Eco tourism

The differing ecosystems in the Caribbean, encompassing everything from magnificent coral reefs to rain-forested volcanic slopes,
make it one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world.


Caribbean music and entertainment

Caribzones offers international exposure in exchange for local presence The music of the Caribbean embraces many genres. You will find calypso, soca, salsa, jazz, rock and reggae with music festivals in many of the islands. There is no shortage of nightlife in the larger islands with entertainment ranging from back-in-time parties to live groups in fun bars. There are also many good restaurants offering 'Haute Caribbean cuisine' as well as local fare.


Caribbean sports

Cricket photograph compliments of Brookslatouchphotography, click to enter site World class cricket is of course the sport most associated with the Caribbean and the fortunes of the West Indies cricket team have been discussed in depth the length and breadth of the Caribbean island chain.

The 2004 Test Match is history notable for England's win and Lara's world record. The Cricket World Cup 2007 is already the focus of the Caribbean as the West Indies, both as team and region, plan to host the best cricket event ever seen.

Caribzones is ready to promote your cricket and sports-related products and services in time for the Cricket World Cup 2007

On a more local level, the recently held 'Easter Cricket Festival' is the initiative of the Carriacou United Cricket Team. The event is envisaged as taking place annually throughout the Caribbean.

The Festival focuses on education, culture, cricket and fun!

The Caribbean has many keen hockey teams that welcome visitors from around the world.

The Pan American Women’s Hockey Cup was held at the National Hockey Centre in March 2004 and was praised by Tony von Ondarza, president of the Pan American Hockey Federation, who at the closing ceremony congratulated the organising committee for staging “a top-level event here in Barbados”.

The Banks Hockey Festival held annually in Barbados has become a premier event on the hockey calendar.

The Barbados Junior Girls winning their event in the 'Banks Hockey Festival' 2003.

Congratulations Barbados for gaining automatic qualification for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia in 2006.

Banks Hockey Festival


Haydn Barbados' top tennis player sponsored by Caribzones


Caribbean tennis holidays are becoming increasingly popular and there are excellent facilities in several of the islands.

Caribzones is pleased to be the internet sponsor of this talented young player. Click on picture


Caribbean watersports

From the north to the south of the Caribbean sailors can enjoy the thrill of the challenge or the relaxation of calm, clear waters.

Carriacou luxury yacht for rental

For the perfect Grenadines sailing experience cast off from St. Vincent and sail to Mustique or cruise over to Bequia. . Enjoy a sailing regatta in Grenada and discover the unspoilt neighbouring island of Carriacou. . Further north, Antigua is a popular destination for sailing week.

Watersports enthusiasts enjoy the Caribbean every which way. Kite surfers soar above the waves,

and wherever off-shore breezes are to be found there you will find the windsurfers revelling in the fact that no wetsuits need to be worn!

Click on the photo to share the fun day at the Barbados Virgin Birdman contest 2004!

Barbados Virgin Birdman 2003 competition

Still above the water there are plenty of good surfing spots in the Caribbean mostly on the Atlantic side of the islands where the surf breaks a good distance from the shore.

The waters are also welcoming to divers. who appreciate the variety of wall, drift, reef and wreck dives.

Photograph compliments of Zeds Surf Travel


Caribbean ecotourism & conservation

Caribbean conservation As the islands of the Caribbean develop sustainable practices, Caribzones is pleased to be associated with all forms of Caribbean ecotourism. Click on photo

A coast to be proud of which is valued, appreciated and safeguarded as a place to live, work and relax; a place where development and use of resources will be sustainable, and where the natural environment is protected and enhanced to keep its essential and unique place in the Barbadian heritage.

Let's all play our part to protect our coastal and marine environment.

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Barbados west coast baach
Caribbean ecotourism Visit the whale breeding area off Dominica for the heart-warming pleasure of whale and dolphin watching. Hike the nature trails of St. Vincent, or discover wonderful species of tropical birds in St. Lucia

Experience the diversity of rainforests and arid plains, bubbling volcano lakes and cascading waterfalls that the Caribbean has to offer! !


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