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Barbados surfing holiday



Where Atlantic breakers reach an accessible shore in the Caribbean, there you will find surfers.

In Barbados, the 'Soupbowl' at Bathsheba attracts enthusiasts from the world over, including champions of the sport who appreciate the uncrowded waves, warm water and friendly atmosphere.

Zed's Surfing Adventures, click on photo to visit.
Zed's Surfing Adventures, click on photo to visit
Surfing in St Vincent
St. Vincent also has good waves at Lagoon Bay as well as Shipping Bay on the Windward side, not a venue for the faint hearted, while Trinidad has a good surfing spot at Minister Bay on the east coast. From sunrise to sunset bodies on boards await the break... and the Caribbean doesn't disappoint .


Barbados Surfing

The powerful breakers on the East coast draw surfers from all over the world, many champions spend training vacations in Bathsheba which is now one of the venues on the International championship circuit. Dread or Dead!
Zed's Surfing Adventures, click on the photo to visit


Surfing is particularly popular on the east coast at Bathsheba. famous for its fast walls and big thundering barrels.

Zed's Surfing Adventures for Barbados surfing holidays, click on the photo to view.

Beginners can enjoy the Bathsheba surf as well with expert instruction from Zed, click on picture or link above.
Zed's Surfing Adventures, click on the photo to view.
International Surfing Championship For years locals and overseas surfers alike have been enjoying surfing at the "Soup Bowl" in Bathsheba. This picturesque fishing village becomes a hive of activity in November, when the waves are at their best and the International Surfing Championship takes place. Surfers rent 'bay houses' and mingle with the locals enjoying the friendly laid back atmosphere.
Barbados Team Surfer Brian Gooding

The Barbados Surfing Association was originally founded in 1966 and sent its first team to the inaugural World Surfing Championships in Puerto Rico in 1968. Pictured below the PanAmerican Surfing Championships in 2003, held in Ecuador.

The Barbadian and Jamaican teams get together for a photo op!
PanAmerican Surfing Championships 2003
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For your surfing accommodation visit the East coast or South coast

For surfing real estate, east coast properties for sale ideal for surfing.


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