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BARBADOS - Ivory One Night Only

Ivory One Night Only was introduced by prominent broadcaster and businessman, Vic Fernandes, who spoke of the band’s beginnings in the 70’s as The Merriboys and of the re-named Ivory’s popularity locally, regionally and internationally in the 80’s


The capacity crowd at the Barbados Yacht Club was treated to a great night of entertainment as Ivory took old fans and new for a trip down Memory Lane

Franc Mossbaugh flew in from Canada for the reunion, much to the delight of his many fans in Barbados who were thrilled at his strong vocal performance





Andrew Bourne was breathtaking on both guitar …


and sax




Those who witnessed his abandoned and brilliant solos realized how much he is missed on the local stage since he retired from performing


Wayne Gibbs showed that he can still touch the heart with a ballad



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Jimmy Duncan was on top form, clearly enjoying himself


John Roett conjured forth a superb sounding orchestra from his keyboards




Philip Brennan on bass kept the beat solid

while Maxi Taylor, invisible behind his drum kit and the smoke effects, provided the heartbeat of the music.



One of the unexpected highlights of the evening was the announcement that Olga Lopes Seale, known to all in Barbados as Aunty Olga, had been made a Dame in the Prime Minister’s Independence Honours List. The announcement came as Dame Olga was onstage being acknowledged as one of the band’s early supporters.



Ivory One Night Only provided an exciting start to the celebrations as Barbados recorded 39 years of Independence on the 30th November


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