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Hit For Six! a story of Cricket, Love and Scandal, is a wonderful showcase for the work of Jamaican Director of Photography Richard Lannaman, Jamaica's foremost practitioner in his field.

His work on Hit for Six! shows the Caribbean to its best advantage, creating a wonderful backdrop for this homegrown feature film.

Produced in Barbados, Hit for Six! drew on talent from throughout the Caribbean for both the crew and cast.

Richard's credits include director of photography on 'Third World Cop' plus work on camera for Hollywood film movie 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back'.

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Jamaica is a vibrant, sprawling island that encompasses all the beauty of the islands of the Caribbean in one place

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The magnificent Blue Mountains offer the intrepid driver incredible vistas around every turn, as the chill mountain air sends hints of pine into your senses. It is here that arguably the world's finest coffee is produced


Jamaica has rainforests, rivers, waterfalls, incredible white sand beaches and crystal clear warm waters. There is also some outrageous architecture, including a castle in Port Antonio and a Beverly Hills in Kingston

The music scene has made Jamaica the one Caribbean island that is known worldwide since reggae music hit the airways in the 70’s


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Jessica Ogden

Art, dance, theatre and fashion all are thriving in Jamaica, fuelled by people that express their individuality with pride

Jamaica offers incredible eco tourism holidays, watersports and diving holidays, all on an island that knows how to party! Secluded treasures such as this delightful cottage can be found for sale and for rent in Jamaica.

Jamaica real estate

Car rentals offer you the freedom of the roads, just take a tip from the locals as to where the most interesting, and safest, areas are to travel. The criminal element is best avoided while the regular Jamaican is warm-hearted, welcoming and a pleasure to meet!


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