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JAMAICA - watersports

Caribbean diving The calm waters off Jamaica's north coast create ideal conditions for a variety of watersports, all of which are offered at the various resorts. In line with the conservation credo fostered by caring local activists, large marine parks dot the coast and in these areas only non-motorised watersports are allowed.
Snorkelling is always fun with a rainbow world of dancing fish waiting just below the surface, giant rays that drift sedately by and wonderful corals and sea fans to admire. Caribbean diving
The diving is amazing with wall dives, several excellent wreck dives and an underwater wonder, the incredible submerged city of Port Royal. In the devastating earthquake of 1692 the city slid into the ocean and legend has it that if you listen carefully you can still hear the church bell tolling...
The calm north coast offers many secluded bays ideal for a variety of watersports. Click on the photo to the left to view a lovely waterfront property complete with its own sheltered cove, a perfect safe harbour. Caribbean diving

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In Barbados for instance, Carlyle Bay has two excellent wrecks where innumerable fish have made their homes. Reef and drift dive sites abound and on the west coast a gentle turtle might tag along.

In Grenada they claim the largest dive wreck in the Caribbean, an Italian liner that caught fire and sank in St Georges Harbour in 1961.
To the northwest lies the tiny island of Carriacou with its welcoming wonderland of turtles, brightly decorated fish and fantastic reefs.
There are several excellent dive locations off the leeward coast of St. Vincent as well as all around Bequia, the largest of its dependencies. Further down the chain Lagoon Bay and Britannia Bay in Mustique are popular dive sites.
St. Lucia has recognised that its incredible marine life is a hidden treasure and active environmental groups are ensuring its safety. There are many magnificent sites to dive but perhaps none so spectacular as the 200ft wall dive below Petit Piton where an incredible array of marine life congregates.
Considered by many to be the diving world's best kept secret Dominica is a diver's paradise. The mountainous drop continues steeply into the water giving sediment free, crystal clear vision. The incredible diversity to be found underwater includes hot, fresh-water springs, a diving experience that shouldn't be missed.

Sailing holidays
Caribbean watersports People have been enjoying the wonders of the Caribbean since the Caribs first dipped the paddles of their dugout canoes back in 1000 AD!

Today's adventurous sailor can catch the breeze at one of the many sailing regattas held throughout the islands.

Antigua sailing week is a major event and one will often find the same enthusiasts in Grenada and Carriacou events!
Antigua sailing
St Lucia sailing

Sailing is a popular sport for visitors and locals alike in Barbados, while St Vincent affords an excellent starting point for a cruise through the Grenadines. Sailing off Mustique or Bequia Sail from St Lucia to Dominica where one can often have the privilege of spotting dolphins and whales who traditionally return to these waters to breed.

Calm and clear or powerful and challenging,
sailing in the Caribbean has it all,
along with a wonderful climate and delightful scenery!


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