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Become a Chimpanzee Guardian

        Need Your Help!Chimpanzees Need Your Help!

Chimps in the wild are on the brink of extinction. At the turn of the last century, chimpanzees living across West and Central Africa numbered around one million. Today their total number is less than 200,000.

There are many reasons why chimps are disappearing. Their habitat is vanishing at an alarming rate due to deforestation caused by logging companies. As well, the bushmeat trade in Africa has led to an increase in the poaching of chimpanzees and other primates. A crisis with far-reaching implications, the bushmeat trade involves the slaughter of adult chimps, on a commercial scale, for human consumption. And, all too often after witnessing the death of their mothers, infant chimpanzees are then captured and sold illegally into the pet trade and for entertainment uses.

While working to put an end to the bushmeat trade, the Jane Goodall Institute is ensuring that illegally held infant chimps are confiscated from poachers or market vendors and placed in sanctuaries across the continent. In these sanctuaries, orphan chimps live together in a natural environment in the hands of experienced and loving caregivers. They receive proper nutrition and learn to live in social groups that are necessary to their survival and essential for their development and well-being.

Funding from The Jane Goodall Institute provides care for almost 200 chimpanzees, and employment opportunities for local people at four locations in Africa. Sanctuaries are under tremendous financial strain as they do their best to house and feed all the animals that need their care.

Please become a Guardian and support these very special chimps. Whether you are touched by the story of an orphan chimpanzee at one of our sanctuaries or motivated to play role in Jane’s historic research at Gombe, there’s a chimpanzee out there who needs your help.

As a Chimpanzee Guardian you will receive:

A biography of your chimpanzee
A chimpanzee poster
A certificate of guardianship
Information about Gombe Stream Research Centre, the Sanctuary Program and the Jane Goodall Institute.
But most important, you will receive the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution supports these and other chimpanzees. In addition, you will help empower African villagers to build sustainable livelihoods that include regional conservation goals such as reforestation or an end to the illegal bushmeat trade.

Please help, become a Chimpanzee Guardian


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