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BARBADOS - National Cultural Foundation

Kadooment Day 2003

Barbados Crop Over 2003

The grand finale is Kadooment Day which starts at the National Stadium where the various bands parade before the judges.

Barbados Crop Over Carnival 2003


Here the fabulous array of Carnival costumes creates a riot of colour as band members dance to their favourite calypso in front of the packed stadium.

The procession then heads down to Spring Garden Highway, where it can only be described as a frenzy of activity and joyous celebration, in other words, a big 'wuk-up'!


Over the years Crop Over has contributed to increased arrivals during the traditionally 'slow' summer months, as visitors, and Barbadians living overseas, travel from all over the world to join in this fun filled festival.



The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) is patting itself on the back for having pulled in some of the largest Crop-Over crowds ever.



According to its marketing officer Carol Roberts, Monday saw the largest number of Barbadians and visitors flocking to the Spring Garden Highway.

Read John King's Crop Over comments


Gwyneth Squires had no “Dark Illusions” when it came to her band winning in last year’s Grand Kadooment.


Running Order

Number Name of Band Bandleader Size of Band
Walk Holy M. Weekes 80
1 Blue Box Cart R. Gill 700
2 Party Gras Mayhem S. Defreitas 350
3 Animaniaks C. Knight 1000
4 Wednesday 2000 - The More Things Change B. Corbin 300
5 Radikal F. Reifer / A. Forde 400
6 C&W Contact - What-A-World C. Haynes 650
7 St. Lawrence Mas' Parade B. West 500
8 Once Upon an Island G. Squires 500
9 T L Phases Inc. - Barbados in Bloom T. Clarke 500
10 Southern Impact R. King 150
11 Renegades - One for the Road D. Hoyte 200
12 One Big Family M. King 200
13 Refugees R. Miller 600
14 Bajana D. Carter 200
15 Vision 20/20 A. Muhammed 150
16 Withdrawn
17 Triple Force - Environmentally Friendly R. Lewis 200
18 Power X 4 C. Stewart 1250
19 Withdrawn
20 Withdrawn
21 A Bajan Thing M. Campbell 150

Compliments of the NCF


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