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The People of Kimya

Board of Directors

Kimya was founded in May 2000 by Kim K. Haddad, DVM, who also serves as its President. There are currently six additional members, each chosen for their experience and skills in a particular area. Board members will be appointed to the three remaining unfilled seats as needed.

Kim K. Haddad DVM, Founder and President, Kimya

Kimya Board of Directors:

Carroll Jung, founder of Another Life For Animals, a private non-profit special needs companion animal rehabilitation and adoption facility

Kate Purmal, principal of the Driver Group, a management consulting organization to technology start-ups and nonprofit organizations

Elana Rosen, co-founder and executive director of the Just Think Foundation

Aaron Singer, founder and executive director of the Blue Yonder Foundation

Anne French, independent business and marketing consultant

Mike Berman, former Director of Fixed Income for Nomura, now a mentor to nonprofit and corporate start-ups

Kimya Advisory Board:

Craig Brestrup, PhD, Executive Director, The Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS)

Wayne Pacelle, Senior Vice President, The Humane Society of the United States

Ron Kagan, Executive Director, The Detroit Zoological Gardens

Will Travers, Executive Director, The Born Free Foundation

Lisa Goldman, Partner, Management Associates


Kim K. Haddad, DVM, Founder and President, Kimya

Kim K. Haddad, DVM, is a veterinarian in the San Francisco Bay Area. She left a lucrative Wall Street career to pursue her dream and for the past 10 years has been devoted to helping animals and to educating the public on how to keep their pets safe and healthy.

She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Florida, and a degree in Economics at the University of California, San Diego.

While attending veterinary school and working as a small animal veterinarian in Jacksonville, Florida, Kim spent a great deal of time working at the Jacksonville Zoological Gardens from 1994 to 1998. She was recognized for her work in Wildlife and Zoological Medicine and in 1997 was honored with the Lerner Family Wildlife Conservation Award for Excellence in Wildlife and Zoological Medicine. Currently she works as a consulting and relief veterinarian at the San Francisco Zoo.

Kim also serves as Medical Director for Another Life for Animals, (ALFA) a domestic animal rescue and shelter organization; serves as an Advisor to the American Zoological Association Animal Welfare Committee; serves as a Board Member of The Association of Sanctuaries, (TAOS), and as an Advisor to the Ahali Elephant Sanctuary and the Retirement Sanctuary in Australia.

Kim has spent a great deal of time living in and traveling to Africa and is committed to working to reduce human-wildlife conflicts on the African Continent. Most recently she worked with the Kenya Wildlife Service and its' Veterinary Staff to observe and assist in the translocation of 56 elephants from a private game reserve to a National Park.

A San Francisco native, she resides in the Bay Area with her two boys, three dogs and two cats.

industries. In addition to consulting for the last 13 years, she brings a total of 26 years of management experience in strategic planning, marketing, sales, and customer service operations to clients like Apple Computer, Rover Corporation, AOL, and Morgan Stanley.

Lisa's two dogs Mystic and Quik have had long careers as hospital volunteers in pediatric wards in four San Francisco hospitals. Lisa's family lives in San Carlos, CA.


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  Carroll Jung, Another Life for Animals Executive Board Member

Carroll A. Jung is a 5th generation San Franciscan, raised and educated on the San Francisco Peninsula. Carroll became active in political fundraising for a local legislator and ultimately became an independent campaign consultant. From her office at 3000 Sand Hill Road, in Menlo Park, she contracted out to local and statewide political campaigns.

In 1993 Carroll left her business to pursue her life-long passion; working with animals. She worked first with a private non-profit companion animal adoption facility, then as a founder of Another Life For Animals; a private non-profit special needs companion animal rehabilitation and adoption facility.

Carroll brings to Kimya an awareness of the plight of surplus exotic animals, a deep commitment to the respect and humane treatment of animals, and both business and hands-on experience in small animal care facilities.

Kate Purmal, Principal, Driver Group

Kate Purmal has over 17 years of computer industry experience as an entrepreneur, corporate executive and independent consultant. She is the founder and principal of The Driver Group, a management consulting firm that works with start-up technology ventures and non-profits which seek to augment their management team or retain outside expertise in order to achieve time-critical business or financing milestones.

Kate's passion for start-ups began at Palm Computing Inc., where as a member of the founding team she built and ran the Product Marketing and Strategic Alliance organizations. Her past work experience includes senior roles in marketing, product marketing, business development, developer support, engineering and quality assurance at Palm, Interleaf, Grid Systems, and Computer Associates. Kate has a BA in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, San Diego.

Kate's commitment to responsible care for animals began in her teenage years when she volunteered at the Peninsula Humane Society dedicating her summer vacations to finding homes for unwanted pets. She is now the proud owner of Miles, a golden retriever.

Elana Rosen, Executive Director, Just Think Foundation

Elana is the co-founder and executive director of the Just Think Foundation. She has 15 years of experience in the nonprofit and media worlds, working with KQED-TV in the s, current affairs and cultural departments before joining George Lucas' first 501(c)3, an educational foundation.

In addition to establishing a successful non-profit foundation, Ms. Rosen has lectured on multimedia, online information and educational issues at institutions including Stanford, Santa Clara University and presented at conferences including the White House Internet Conference on Content for Children and Teens, UNESCO's Commission on the Rights of the Child, the 4th Congress on Education in the Third Millenium and other local, national and international forums. She received an Emmy nomination for the documentary, "Czeslaw Milosz: A Poet Remembers."

Elana graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.A. in literature and studied at Dartmouth College as well as the Sorbonne. She later conducted postgraduate work in Library and Information Sciences at Syracuse University's first accredited distance learning program.

As a Board Member of Kimya she will bring her nonprofit expertise, knowledge of education and media as well as great success in fundraising. Elana has always been an animal lover and an advocate for the welfare of animals. Additionally, she is a former world champion ultimate frisbee player, and an avid student of the flying trapeze. Elana lives in Marin County with her husband Aaron, their son Ezekiel and their dog Soleil.

Aaron Singer, Executive Director, Blue Yonder Foundation

Aaron Singer, founder and executive director of the Blue Yonder Foundation, has celebrated great success in both the nonprofit and business corporate worlds. He is passionate about aviation, technology and empowering people.

Aaron has over six years of nonprofit experience as the co-founder and chairman of the Just Think Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting media literacy education for young people. Within the business corporate world, Aaron was the co-founder and president of the ad-hoc Group, Inc., an interactive and design production house in Sausalito, CA, founded in 1991.

The ad-hoc Group, now known as DimensionData, was a full-service interactive design and advertising agency that produced the renowned just think [an interactive], one of the world's first interactive magazines on CD-ROM, and the Passage to Vietnam CD-ROM - both of which won multiple interactive design awards.

Prior to the ad-hoc Group, Aaron worked in York City as a freelance journalist and playwright. Aaron graduated from The Colorado College in 1989 with a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Theater, and earned his private pilot certificate at age 17 after winning the Matt Dillingham Aviation Scholarship.

Anne French, President, French Consulting

Anne French is an independent business and marketing consultant, with over 15 years of experience as a senior Marketing Executive, entrepreneur and consultant in Fortune 500 and start-up companies. Her experience spans a wide range of industries: consumer brand, software products and services, advertising, networking solutions and entertainment.

Anne holds a BA in history from the University of Virginia, a MA in History from the University of California at Berkeley, and a MBA from Xavier University.

Anne has a love of animals and children, and a deep passion for helping to make this world a better place for the next generation who will inherit this responsibility. She has three of her own children, all of whom look to her for guidance on how to treat and nurture animals and all living things.

Mike Berman

Mike is our newest Board Member. His Bio will be available soon.


Kimya Board of Advisors:

Craig Brestrup, PhD, Executive Director, The Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS)

Craig began his professional career as a family therapist. He has worked as CEO of different nonprofit organizations for over 9 years. He spent 4 years as the COO of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Inc. prior to serving as Executive Director of The Association of Sanctuaries. Craig has a zealous commitment to animal welfare.

Wayne Pacelle, Senior Vice President, The Humane Society of the United States

Wayne has been working to protect animals for most of his adult life. He has been with HSUS for over 8 years, and is the primary spokesperson for the organization. He is actively involved in the legislative process and represents the HSUS in Congress, before state legislatures and in other public forums. He is the author of several publications pertaining to animal protection. Wayne also serves on the board of various humane organizations.

Ron Kagan, Executive Director, The Detroit Zoological Gardens

Ron has spent most of his professional life working in zoos. He has successfully transformed the Detroit into a model AZA facility. He has initiated programs to promote adoption of domestic animals throughout the state and the zoo annually hosts "Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo," a tremendously successful event for the Michigan Humane Society and dozens of animal rescue groups.. He has also encouraged the Detroit Zoo to focus on animal welfare as well as conservation, and while these goals may at times be at odds, he feels that conservation also means saving individual animals. The Detroit Zoo is the only AZA facility to receive accreditation from The Association of Sanctuaries, (TAOS).

Will Travers Executive Director, The Born Free Foundation

Will has been an integral part of the Foundation since before the founding of "Zoo Check" by his parents Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna in 1984. The movie, Born Free, in which Bill and Virginia starred, was the Born Free. Will serves as the Executive Director and is responsible for seven major campaigns to help wildlife in need including the Zoo Check Project, Elefriends Project, Wolf Project, Orca Project, Primate Project, Big Cat Project and UK Wildlife Project.

Lisa Goldman, Partner Management Associates

Lisa Goldman is a Partner at Management Associates, an international management consulting firm that is known for producing extraordinary results for the leaders, employees, and investors of corporate clients. The firm specializes in Fortune 100 clients and start-up environments.

Lisa is a recognized expert in working with businesses of all sizes to deliver results that wouldn't have otherwise been possible. Her work is distinct in its ability to have people share a common set of objectives, produce a coordinated framework for action, and achieve unprecedented results that impact the bottom line.

Lisa has served clients in the telecommunications, customer service, securities trading, interactive learning products, and computer  


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