Question: Can I buy on line?
Answer: You may purchase anything offered for sale on line. Click here for Sporting Masters Prints.

Question: How can I pay on line for my goods?
Answer: You can pay by Visa and Mastercard credit cards. For further details click here for Payment.

Question: How long does delivery take?
Answer: All orders are dispatched within 24 hours of receipt, through International Bonded Couriers (IBC) and delivery should be with you within 5 working days. Click here for Shipping and Delivery.

Question: Do you ship internationally?
Answer: Yes, we send packages to anywhere in the world as long as we have a clear and acceptable address together with your telephone number. Click here for Delivery.

Question: Will you send the package to an address that is not the same as the credit card billing address?

Answer: Yes, we will send the package to which ever address you advise. We will not send a copy of the payment details to the recipient. This will be sent to you by separate international mail thereby making this an excellent and personal gift for a friend or loved one. Click here for Gift Tags

Question: How can I get 100% authenticity of the signature on the poster and will I get a certificate?
Answer: Sporting Masters Ltd., supply each and every limited edition signed poster with a certificate of authenticity signed by one of our directors. The certificate confirms that your signed poster is:

1) One of a limited edition of 500 posters being a number from 1 to 500.
2) Signed personally by the sporting master in the photograph which can be viewed on this site.

We do also recommend that you retain this certificate as proof of authenticity for your valuable investment for the future.
Click here for Authenticity

Question: What is your returns policy?
Answer: Please click here for Returns & Refunds.

Question: I have been advised that the poster I wish to purchase has been sold out. Will you re-print so I will be able to purchase one?
Answer: Unfortunately, a ‘Limited Edition’ means just that and you will not be able to purchase the poster on offer. However, if the demand for the sporting master has been so great we will make every effort to have another poster image available and we will contact you, as a valued client, to advise that you can make a purchase of this sporting master in the future. Click here for Limited Editions

Question: Can I request a specific number of the limited edition?
Answer: Sporting Masters Ltd., do sell the posters on a ‘first come first served basis’. However, we will try our best to accommodate such requests although this cannot be guaranteed as your requested number may have already have been purchased. Click here for Limited Editions

Question: Do you supply the photograph with my purchased poster of the sporting master signing the poster? Answer: No, we do not supply a photograph but you can download this from the Sporting Master web site. Simply click on the relevant sports master photograph and choose ‘save picture as’ option.

Question: You do not have the sports master poster I am looking for. Can I order one?
Answer: Please view our available posters by clicking on Sporting Masters Prints . If you cannot find the sports master you require please click here on CONTACT and advise us which sports master you would like us to try and add to our range.

Question: If I wish to buy a poster for a friend or relative, how will they know it's from me?
Answer: For your personal message, Sporting Masters have designed a purpose made Gift Tag for you to put any details or message you wish to be received with your selected print for your chosen recipient. Click here for Gift Tags

Question: If I am usure which memorabilia my frien, relative or associate would like, can I purchase a gift voucher?
Answer: Yes, this would be the ideal gift. Please click here for Gift Vouchers

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