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Size: Each Sporting Master poster print is 560 mm x 410 mm, easily fitting into a shop bought standard A2 frame if so desired.

Paper Quality:

All Sporting Master posters are printed on 250gsm, high quality art board.


Only professional photographers are used in the sourcing of our pictures. These images are also then presented to the specific sporting master to choose from - so you are buying the picture they most like of themselves - for you! Our designers may merely re-size the picture to fit our poster size and oversee to guarantee first class quality. However, naturally, where an image taken some decades ago is used, you will appreciate that we would not want to 'modernise' its quality, at the risk of devaluing its authenticity. We would advise that your rare purchase not be hung in damp places, over a radiator or in direct sunlight.


For presentation, we surround the chosen image with a broad white border, enhancing the picture even more and enabling the all - important signature, limited edition number and description, along with the photographer's credit and our logo, to be very clear.


All Sporting Masters posters are individually and personally signed with a permanent marker pen, by the particular sporting master - especially for you!

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