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CARIBBEAN - conservation

The Wild Dolphin Project

Photograph compliments of Dr Karen Chaney

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Photograph complimetns of The Wild Dolphin Project (WDP)Take your students on a fascinating journey to the mysterious ocean world of the Atlantic spotted dolphin! Meet individual dolphins like Stubby, Rosemole, Little Gash and their families. See how they relate to each other, what they eat, and how they find their food. Learn who their neighbors are and what dangers they face in their watery world.

Discover what we can do, wherever we live, to help protect them!

Photograph complimetns of The Wild Dolphin Project (WDP)Protect-a-Pod is a Wild Dolphin Project education package intended for use in grades 3-12, but which can be adapted for environmental organizations/institutions, after-school groups, parents, or for anyone interested in dolphins and their welfare.

Photograph complimetns of The Wild Dolphin Project (WDP)It is designed to introduce your students to dolphins and the way they interact within a complex ecosystem: the ocean. By involving students in the life and times of a wild Atlantic spotted dolphin pod, we hope to achieve the following:

  • Introduce general dolphin information with an emphasis on the Atlantic spotted dolphin.
  • Introduce scientific approaches towards understanding wildlife by stimulating field research methods.
  • Link dolphins to their habitat so that students will understand the complexities of the interrelationships between the natural world and human activity - and how they, themselves, may personally affect dolphins that live in the ocean.
  • Foster responsible citizenship through environmental action, emphasizing humans as members of ecosystems, rather than as separate and apart from them.
  • Through Protect-a-Pod you will explore the lives of wild Atlantic spotted dolphin societies. The emphasis of this package is on protecting the entire dolphin pod, by focusing on the interrelationships between individuals. Dolphins, like ecosystems, must not be considered as complete and separate worlds unto themselves. The key theme is interrelationships - between dolphin and dolphin, between dolphins and their environment, between dolphins and humans, and between humans and the environment.

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There are several Dominica whale and dolphin watching tour options available, some include inland exploration.

6 day whale watching tour in Dominica ...from St Lucia's picturesque Rodney Bay to the Martiniquan port of St. Pierre is eight hours of delightful sailing...try sailing The Grenadine Islands - with Jabal tours - eco tourism...   bird watching and  hiking in the Caribbean plus adventure cruising holidays information on the Grenadines  and the Caribbean .
Two day Whale and Dolphin safari tour off Dominica- with Jabal tours hiking  and bird watching  up Indian River to Carib Territory...the ultimate holiday experience


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