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Entry requirements

A visitor to Barbados who is a Canadian or USA citizen travelling direct from these countries may be admitted without a passport for a period not exceeding three (3) months. However, that person will be required to produce proof of nationality, by means of citizenship papers or an original birth certificate, and photo identification by means of either.
* Job identification card with photograph
* Valid Driver's license with photograph
* Senior Citizen Card with photograph.
* University or School identification with photograph

Every other person entering Barbados should be in possession of a valid passport and a valid return ticket. Visas are required for citizens from some countries. Contact your nearest Barbados Tourism Authority office for application forms and requirements.

Cruise Ship Passengers
Visas are not required for passengers on cruise ships with the exception of citizens of the C.I.S, Eastern European countries, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, South Africa and Korea.

Duration of Visit to Barbados
Visitors coming to Barbados should provide proof of adequate means of support for the duration of their stay. They should be in possession of valid return tickets.

Extension of stay
Visitors wishing to extend their stay should apply to:
The Chief Immigration Officer
Immigration Department
Careenage House
The Wharf
Tel: (246) 426-1011


Barbados Dollar - US $1 = BDS $2 approx. The BDS Dollar is fixed to the U.S Dollar and does not fluctuate. The BDS $, to other currencies, changes daily, based on their fluctuations relative to the U.S. Dollar. Most establishments accept travellers cheques, U.S. and Canadian currency. There are many commercial banks that will change most currencies. Major credit cards are widely accepted in Barbados.


Duty Free Allowances


     BRITAIN -
Duty Free Allowances for Returning British Citizens
Each returning UK resident over 18 years of age may take back:

  • 1 litre of alcohol
  • 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco
  • 50g (2 fl.oz.) of perfumes
  • Up to 28 pounds sterling worth of other goods


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Duty Free Allowances for Returning American Citizens
Every returning USA citizen whose stay is in excess of 48 hours may on their return take back duty free articles totalling up to US $400 (based on the retail value of the items in the country of purchase).
Duty on purchases in excess of the US $400 exemption is 10% on the next US $1000, and thereafter at the rate duty applicable.
For persons over the age of 21, one litre of duty free liquor is allowed.
Gifts: In addition to the US $400 exemption, each person can mail back gifts valued at $50 each to friends and relatives back home, provided the addressee does not receive more than one gift parcel a day. No declaration is required, and no tax is levied.

Duty Free Allowances for Returning Canadian Citizens
Each returning Canadian resident may take back:

  • 40 ounces of alcoholic beverages
  • 24 12 oz cans/bottles of beer
  • 200 cigarettes
  • 50 cigars
  • 2 lb. of tobacco

Minimum age for alcoholic beverages vary with port of entry.
No duty or GST is charged on purchases under $300. GST charge on entire total purchases. Duty varies on alcoholic beverages.
Gifts: Persons while abroad may mail casual gifts (except tobacco and alcoholic beverages) free of duty and taxes, to friends and relatives in Canada, providing the value of the gift does not exceed CAN $40.

Prohibited items
The importation of certain articles are prohibited or restricted to protect this beautiful community, and to maintain plant and animal life. Prohibited articles such as illegal drugs and pornography will be seized and persons may face serious penalties or prosecution.
Restricted items may be released after inspection or detained until conditions of the restrictions are met. Receipts are issued for all articles confiscated. Among the restricted items are:
Fruits and Vegetables All vegetables, fruits, plants, cuttings, and seeds must be declared to customs and presented for inspection by a Plant Quarantine Officer. Fresh fruits from certain countries are prohibited in order to prevent the spreading of plant and pest diseases. Certain other items may require an import permit and a photo sanitary certificate. Request for further information should be made to:
Plant Quarantine
Ministry of Agriculture,
Tel (246) 428-4150


Health requirements

Check with Barbados High Commission

  Transportation in Barbados can be quite an experience from a modern 'Super Highway' to a motorist dream come cars, no hassle, no rush just beautiful scenery. It doesn't come better than this!

You can obtain a Barbados drivers license for $10.00 Bds on producing a valid National or International License at the following police stations and licensing authorities, or from the Ministry of Transport (0830-1430 Monday to Friday)

Police Stations

  • Hastings
  • Worthing
  • Holetown
Licensing Authorities
  • Oistins
  • Christ Church
  • Pine
  • St. Michael
  • Folkestone

Car Barbados has a good network of roads covering the entire island. Traffic drives on the left. There is a speed limit of 60 kmph (37 mph per hour). There are highways running throughout the island which make travelling easy and safe.

Car Hire Anything from a mini-moke to a limousine can be hired. Cars may be hired by the hour, day or week.

Taxi Taxis do not have meters but fares are regulated by the Government. Listings are available from the Tourist Office. Please ask the price before travelling.

Bus Frequent, comprehensive coverage of the island, flat rate of approx. Bds $1.50 for all journeys. Although cheap, buses are very crowded during the rush hours!

ZR Vans There are many licensed "Mini Vans" that run around the island picking up tourist and locals. You will recognise them by their "ZR" license plate. They have few fixed schedules but there are many of them and service is frequent. The rate is Bds $1.50 and they provide an excellent alternative service.



Barbados Holidays

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